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Blog Tour Review: Queen of Volts by Amanda Foody

Hey all, Dani here.

So…this might be a smidge embarrassing to admit, but I’m going to do it anyway…I almost forgot to get my review ready for this blog tour. I actually would have forgotten entirely, but I got an e-mail about a blog tour I’m doing in a couple weeks, and it made me look at my blogging calendar. Then I had a genius moment of thinking that we were already past the 10th, but when I woke up I remembered that today is the 10th so everything was fine.

Basically, 2020 has totally become a year where I can’t keep track of days or weeks or months, whatever. Thank goodness I write important dates and details down.

Anyway, I hope you get a chuckle out of this story.

Moving on, I just want to give a huge thank you to Inkyard Press and NetGalley for granting me access to an early copy of this book, and for allowing me to be a part of the blog tour for this release. I greatly appreciate it, and reading this book early did not affect my rating or review in any way. My opinion is, as always, my own.

You can find my reviews for the first two books (Ace of Shades and King of Fools) at these links.

Let’s jump into the review.

Book Details

Format: e-book

Pages: 598

Publisher: Inkyard Press

Publication Date: September 1, 2020

ISBN: 1335145869 (ISBN13: 9781335145864)


Return to the City of Sin, where the final game is about to begin…and winning will demand the ultimate sacrifice.

Only days after a corrupt election and brutal street war, one last bloodthirsty game has begun. The players? The twenty-two most powerful, notorious people in New Reynes.

After realizing they have no choice but to play, Enne Scordata and Levi Glaisyer are desperate to forge new alliances and bargain for their safety. But while Levi offers false smiles and an even falser peace to the city’s politicians, Enne must face a world where her true Mizer identity has been revealed…and any misstep could turn deadly.

Meanwhile, a far more dangerous opponent has appeared on the board, one plucked right from the most gruesome legends of New Reynes. As the game takes its final, vicious turn, Levi and Enne must decide once and for all whether to be partners or enemies.

Because in a game for survival, there are only losers…

And monsters.

My Thoughts

Rating: 5 stars

Holy smokes you guys! What a brilliant finale. This trilogy has just been a wild ride of ups and downs, chaos and emotions, fun and hope and love and loss and secrets…I’m just honestly so glad that I’ve picked this trilogy up, and I can absolutely say that I will be re-reading these books.

There is so much great to talk about with this book. Firstly, let me just talk about the length. It is basically the same length as the second book, about 600 pages long, which is about 200 pages longer than the first book. But, honestly, it does not feel like a long book. So much happens and the pacing is great. I was flipping through page after page after page, just eagerly anticipating whatever was going to happen next for Enne and Levi and everyone else.

Seriously, this finale starts off just a couple days after the events of book two, and the characters barely have time to work through their feelings, deal with their losses, and get themselves on steady ground again, because more twists and turns and scheming are thrown their way almost immediately.

Every time you think that they’ve won the Shadow Game, some other twist gets thrown their way. And you just want everyone to have time to breathe and grieve. Oh, and of course there is a typical YA issue…or just fiction entertainment issue in general…of failure to communicate between main characters. This definitely left me getting frustrated with Enne and Levi for a while, because so many issues would be solved by them just talking to each other. But hey, eventually they started talking.

It’s so hard to actually write up a review for this, because it is a final book in a trilogy, so I don’t want to mention anything that could be a spoiler.

Just know that this was a great book, and I definitely recommend the whole trilogy. Amanda Foody is definitely an author I’ll keep my eyes on. I can’t wait to see what new story will come from her next.

Where to Get a Copy

You can pick up your own copy of this book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million, Book Depository, or from your local indie bookstore through IndieBound.

4 thoughts on “Blog Tour Review: Queen of Volts by Amanda Foody”

  1. Great review!
    I love this series, and cannot wait to read this conclusion! For some reason the place where I ordered the book keeps pushing back teh delivery time.. But i have hopes for the beginning of next week!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I know that some stores sold out or oversold Queen of Volts so they have to order in more. Maybe that’s what happened. I’m looking forward to picking up my own copy and having the completed trilogy on my bookshelves. I hope you enjoy reading this one once you finally fet your copy.

      Liked by 1 person

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