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Embracing the Unhaul

Hey all, Dani here. It is not even 8am (at the time I'm writing this, anyway) and I am already drained for the day. Mostly because I woke up with the thought that today would be a good day to go through all the books in my library and do a purge. As with a… Continue reading Embracing the Unhaul

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Book Unhaul Challenge

Hey all, Dani here. We as members of the online book community often have photos/posts/videos where we showcase our book hauls, but it seems that unhauls are not as popular. Well, the other day I saw a video posted by emmmabooks where she did the Book Unhaul Challenge, which was created by BooksandLala. Seeing as… Continue reading Book Unhaul Challenge

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The Road So Far (2)

Hey all, Dani here. Why mess with the tradition I started last year? I might as well keep using the awesome "Supernatural" reference for my retrospective over the last year. You can find my overview of 2016 here. Today also happens to be my 2 year blogaversary. I started this blog in 2016 to help… Continue reading The Road So Far (2)