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Calendar Girls Springtime Whirl 2020

Hey all, Dani here.

If you missed it in Adrienne’s Calendar Girl post on Monday, the hosts of Calendar Girls have been putting some serious work in behind the scenes to plan out a reading challenge to help keep our minds occupied while we are stuck at home because of the global situation.

First thing to keep in mind for this…you don’t have to be a participant of the Calendar Girls monthly themed posts to do this reading challenge. We are here for all the readers of the online book community.

Our Springtime Whirl will run from April 13-May 11, so get your TBR’s ready! We invite each and every one of you, whether you participate in our monthly themed posts or not, to play along with us so you can join in on the fun! If you decide you want to play along, leave me a comment below so we can keep track of the participants! ❤


One book/comic/graphic novel per spot

One bingo = one full row

Contact me (Darque Dreamer) either here, Twitter, or Instagram with updates

First person with one bingo will get an online special recognition award

First person with the most bingos, or full card, will also get an online special recognition award

You can find all the different Bingo Board layouts on Adrienne’s post. I’m just going to use my favorite one because it feels all cute and spring-like.

Oh, and I feel like I should point out that each column has a theme where the first initial of each category helps to spell out Bingo. The columns are (from left to right)… Best Of, Into the Unknown, Nerds Unite, Genre Breakdown, and Opinions, Get Your Opinions Here.

You can choose to read physical books, e-books, or listen to audiobooks. You can read novels, novellas, short story bindups, manga, graphic novels, comic books, whatever. But each book can only count for one category. The Best Of category is pretty much asking you to pull out some of your favorites and give them a re-read.

Several of the categories are Calendar Girls themes that have lost in the monthly vote, and some were just waiting on an idea list, so this is a way for us to share some of the other themes with all of you.


All of the images for the bingo boards were taken from Google and Pinterest, and the Bingo Boards were designed by Flavia the Bibliophile.

My contribution was to make the column themes and fill each column with different categories/prompts. This was such a fun project to work on with Adrienne and Flavia, and I want to thank them both for letting me join in on the whole process. I’ve been looking for more ways to be involved in the online book community to help us all get through the current struggles of the world, and though designing this reading challenge may not be much, and it isn’t literally saving lives, perhaps it is saving our mental and psychological well-beings, and that feels pretty darn important too.

Now I don’t know exactly what books I’m going to read for this challenge, because I don’t know how much of my TBR I’ll get through in the next week, but I’ll definitely be updating my progress on Twitter and here during my Weekly Wrap-Up. What’s going to be extra fun is that Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon happens in the middle of this big reading challenge, so I might be able to knock off quite a few spaces in that one-day period.

So that’s my announcement post for today, but I’ll be back later with a review. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be back soon with more bookish content.

3 thoughts on “Calendar Girls Springtime Whirl 2020”

    1. I’m a somewhat planned, somewhat mood reader. I think what’s fun about this is sure, you can declare your TBR if you want, but you can easily read a book and then say, “oh hey, that fits that prompt,” so I think this event is accessible for readers of all types.

      Good luck and happy reading!


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