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Review: Write Naked: A Bestseller’s Secrets to Writing Romance & Navigating the Path to Success by Jennifer Probst

Hey all, Dani here.

Yes, today is another review post. But it is for a non-fiction read, and it is all about creative writing, so that makes it a little bit different. As you know (or maybe you don’t–hello new people), I am trying to get back into creative writing after being in a writing slump/writing block for the past couple of years. Part of getting back into that mindset is reading books on the craft of writing.

On another note, they are predicting a huge winter storm over the course of today and into tomorrow, so I’m trying to make sure I have a few posts prepped up and ready to go just in case the worst comes and we would happen to lose power or something. All too often it seems like the weather forecasters are really wrong, so I’m taking this prediction of 6-12″ with a grain of salt, but we’re prepared in case it comes.

Anyway, so let’s just jump into this review.



Learn how to transform your passion for writing into a career. New York Times best-selling author Jennifer Probst reveals her pathway to success, from struggling as a new writer to signing a seven-figure deal. Write Naked intermingles personal essays on craft with down-to-earth advice on writing romance in the digital age. Probst will teach you how to:

  • Commit to your current work-in-progress, get focused, and complete it on schedule
  • Reveal raw emotions and thoughts on the page to hook your readers
  • Assemble a street team to promote and celebrate your books
  • Overcome writer’s block with ease
  • Develop themes that tie together your books and series
  • Write the most difficult elements of romance–including sex scenes–with skill and style
  • Regardless of the genre, every novelist faces a difficult task. Creating authentic characters and an engaging plot are challenging enough. But attempting to break into the hotter-than-ever romance genre, which is constantly flooded with new titles and fresh faces? It can feel impossible. This is where Probst’s Write Naked comes in. To survive–and thrive–you need the help and wisdom of an expert.Written in Probst’s unmistakable and honest voice, Write Naked is filled with the lessons and craft advice every writer needs in order to carve out a rewarding career. 

My Thoughts

Rating: 4.5 stars

The older I’ve gotten and the deeper I got into creative writing, the more valuable I started finding books on the craft of writing. So it is no surprise to me that when I wanted to try to get back into writing, that I wanted to start by finding some books about writing. I ended up buying a couple at a trip to The Book Loft of German Village in Columbus, OH, and this was one of them.

I have to say that this was a relatively quick read. And you don’t have to read it in order. You can just read a chapter as it becomes relevant to your writing. Each chapter has writing exercises too, which can be quite helpful as well. Since I read a majority of this during 5-10 minute breaks over the course of a couple days at work, I didn’t exactly have the time or ability to attempt those myself. Instead I would spend the next segment of my work time thinking about the exercise, which may have been just as effective for me.

Jennifer Probst’s book is very casual. By that, I mean that it is as if you are sitting down with her and just having a friendly chat. It isn’t weighed down by academia or anything. Most of the contents are legitimately helpful for writers of all genres, which is awesome. There’s really only one chapter focused on romance/sex, a chapter that I still think is useful even if you don’t write in the romance genre.

As I read this, I felt myself getting inspired to delve back into my own writing. When talking about making time for your writing, Probst referenced William Faulkner and how he worked all day and wrote all night…or was it worked all night and wrote all day? Either way, there are so many other authors out there, past and present, who work full-time jobs and still manage to keep up with a writing and publication schedule. I now have a few friends at work who are reminding me just about every time they see me that if Faulkner can do it, so can I. It was awesome and weird how much that thought just stuck in my brain and affected me.

So I can definitely say that I am keeping this book on my writing references shelf. It was immensely helpful, and I can definitely recommend it for anyone who would like to start writing or get serious about their writing.

Okay, I need to go work on some creative writing now.

Where to Buy

You can pick up this helpful book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million, Book Depository, or your local independent bookstore.

5 thoughts on “Review: Write Naked: A Bestseller’s Secrets to Writing Romance & Navigating the Path to Success by Jennifer Probst”

  1. Omg I had never heard of this book before, and it looks like a lot of fun to read! I’m always a tiny bit skeptical about books on how to write (and I’m not really a writer myself, so it’s not relevant for my work), but it’s always fascinating to me to see how people do it. I just added this to my cart and will pick it up next time I go book shopping. Great review!

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