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Manga Review: Devil Survivor Vol. 1

Damian Trypp here.

Okay so this is one of the ones I grabbed during the buy 2 get one free that my favorite bookstore had going on over the holidays. Got off work early so I decided to get a few more reviews done before heading out to nerd out with some awesome people.


What should have been a simple day out with friends turns into a mysterious disaster when predictable demonic beasts appear. Kazuya and Atsuro were supposed to meet Naoya, their enigmatic friend, but he doesn’t show up and instead send another friend, Yuzu, to meet then and give them specially modded gaming devices. It becomes apparent that Naoya had given them much more than they bargained for when demons soon from these devices! These demons seem to be intent on killing humans, but cold they actually be allies?! Kazuya and his friends must figure out what the devil is going on as the world around them inexplicably begins to fall apart!


Rating: 3.5

Okay so this one left me about as confused as the characters in the story were when all this demon stuff started to happen. Unfortunately this one is not at the top of my list of ones to continue. The concept of summoning and hiring demons to come to your aid to protect you from others via a game device seems interesting. I will not be in a big rush to continue this one but I do feel it has potential.

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