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Wow! Reaching 900 Followers

Hey all, Sam here.

So…I just noticed that I’ve reached 900 followers on here. That’s pretty awesome. Hmm….maybe I should start thinking about doing some sort of giveaway for when I reach 1000? What do you think?

I did say that with the move, I wasn’t sure how regularly I’d be able to keep up with posting. But I wasn’t expecting to be quite this busy. We have been working a booth at a convention almost every single weekend for the past three months, and working long days at the office when we’re not out on the road.

It’s interesting work. Fun, most of the time. But I’ve learned that being on the road that much, criss-crossing the country regularly…is not all that fun.

All the travel for work also means that we haven’t had a whole lot of time to settle into our house. We basically still live in a labyrinth of boxes. A couple days ago we did finally manage to get all the bookcases moved upstairs to the bedroom that will be the library. And once I can figure out where all my shelf and anchoring hardware is, I can start unpacking all of my boxes of books…which will honestly make us feel a lot more moved and settled in…since my husband likes to point out that the boxes of books are like 60% of the boxes we have.

I will have a much bigger update at some point, possibly in my end of year wrap-up. I’ve taken photos while traveling, and of course I want to mention all the conventions we visited and all of that.

And, since I’m starting to get things a bit more organized at the house, I should be able to at least get some of my book haul posts up. I don’t think I’m going to separate my FairyLoot unboxings anymore, since I switched over to book only.

Oh, and I have read some. Not as much as I would have hoped, but there’s a few books on my to-review list (yes, I have a spreadsheet of books I owe reviews for). So hopefully the more organized I get, the better I’ll be able to prep up posts for here.

I still make no promises at having a post schedule, not just yet, but I’m going to try to squeeze out a few minutes here and there to write up some posts.

Thanks for sticking with me and this blog. I appreciate all of you.


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