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May 2022 FairyLoot Unboxing

Hey all, Sam here.

All right, hey, I’m writing up this post before the move, but by the time it goes live, we’ll have been at the new house for a few days…although we are only getting all of two days in the house before having to go out and work at a convention. So I have no idea how much settling in and unpacking we’ll have accomplished. I’m at least hopeful that the cats will be settling in and adjusting okay.

Anyway, we’ve reached the May 2022 FairyLoot Unboxing, which means all I have left is the June box, since I moved to book only for July on. Although I’m already kind of questioning that decision. I may or may not jump back into the waitlist for the YA full box.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time with this intro, so let’s go ahead and open up the May “Cloak & Dagger” box…

Blood & Ash hair scrunchies, month theme art/spoiler card, book art card with letter from the author on the back, FairyScoop, May featured book: The Stardust Thief by Chelsea Abdullah, collectible tarot cards, Red Rising bottle opener, Daughter of the Moon Goddess mug, Stardust tea strainer, FairyLoot box, Foiled Mythology bookmarks, and the month’s theme art bookmark

Another pretty great box from FairyLoot, and hey, look, it’s a book that I’ve actually read. I don’t know if I’ll have the review up yet or not, but if it hasn’t posted in the last couple of days then it should be coming sometime soon. I hope anyway.

But let’s go ahead and look at some closer photos of what was in the box, including the book’s naked hardcover and exclusive end papers.

I’m always glad to get a drink mug; I have a pretty large collection. Fun fact, these are also great for ice cream or for soup. My husband and I often put our tomato soup in these when we make grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup—-it means you don’t need a spoon because it’s so much easier to drink the soup from a mug than from a bowl.

I love the orange color of the original The Stardust Thief cover, but this purple is nice too. I like that the different editions fit the main characters so well. That’s pretty nice.

I don’t know that I’ll use the scrunchies much, but I can totally see myself using the tea strainer, because I do enjoy loose leaf tea every now and again.

So, another very nice box from FairyLoot. I’m glad that I switched over to this company. I’ve been very happy with what I’ve received so far.

Well, that’s all from me for today, but I’ll be back soon with more geeky content.

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