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Recent NetGalley Approvals

Hey all, Dani here.

Let me just take a moment and be really excited about the fact that I have consistently posted to the blog this month. I was a bit worried when I started posting that I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with my plans and hopes. That being said, I’ve only posted about books so far, so I’ll probably try to work in some writing and D&D posts fairly soon…though I also have some book reviews I really need to start getting posted.

Anyway, in the past few weeks I have been approved for a handful of upcoming releases from publishers through NetGalley. And as promised from a recent post, I figured that today I would talk about some of the books I am hoping to read and review in the upcoming few months.

The Queen Will Betray You by Sarah Henning (Release Date: July 6th) and The Library of the Dead by T.L. Huchu (Release Date: June 1st)

Okay, so obviously I still need to read The Princess Will Save You by Sarah Henning, but I have that on my potential TBR for Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon this Saturday, so hopefully I’ll get to it then. If not then I still have May and June, so one way or the other I will be able to read and review the first book before I jump into this second one.

As for The Library of the Dead by T.L. Huchu…well, I’m always a sucker for a book that talks about libraries, especially if it’s magical libraries. Then throw in the comparison for this book to “Stranger Things” and…okay, I’m sold. I’m excited to see what this book has to offer.

In the Ravenous Dark by A.M. Strickland (Release Date: May 18th) and Half Sick of Shadows by Laura Sebastian (Release Date: July 6th)

I keep hearing about In the Ravenous Dark by A.M. Strickland all over the place, and it sounds so darn awesome. Am I already excited because author AdriAnne Strickland is someone who plays D&D? You bet I am! Then add to it that this book is about a pansexual bloodmage who teams up with an undead spirit to start a rebellion…give me this book now! Oh–wait. I already have the digital ARC. Needless to say, I will be reading this very VERY soon…especially since the release date is just a few weeks away.

When it comes to Half Sick of Shadows by Laura Sebastian it only took three words to sell me on wanting to read it: Lady of Shallot. Now, what is really fun about this is that for one of my upper level English courses during my undergraduate degree, I wrote a 15-20 page paper on the poem “The Lady of Shallot,” which honestly also involved a lot of me listening to the Loreena McKennitt song on repeat while writing. So I’m really curious to see how I’ll feel about this book.

Paper & Blood by Kevin Hearne (Release Date: August 10th), Small Favors by Erin A. Craig (Release Date: July 27th), and Requiem of Silence by L. Penelope (Release Date: August 17th)

Do I feel a desire to binge-read all of the Iron Druid Chronicles and then read Ink & Sigil and then read Paper & Blood? Well, yes, I do. Can I do it by the release date in August? ….um, I don’t know. Maybe reading some Atticus and Oberon adventures will help me out of my reading slump?

Is Small Favors another book I just keep hearing about? Yes, yes it is. I don’t know, this isolated town being plagued by devilish mystical creatures from the surrounding woods just sounds really intriguing to me, so I’m excited to read this one.

Then there’s Requiem of Silence by L. Penelope. Okay, I’ll be honest, this is the fourth and final book of a series…and I’ve only read the first book. So I definitely need to re-read the first book and then read the second and third before this one. So yay for me…I have two big series reads planned by August. This may be a mistake considering my reading slump, but oh well. I’m going to try. And if I fail then I’ll still get around to reading and reviewing the books, so it’ll be fine.

Well, I suppose that is all from me for today. Are there any books you’ve recently been approved for on sites like NetGalley? If not, are there any upcoming books you’re really excited about? Let me know in the comments.

All right, well thanks for stopping by and I’ll be back soon with more geeky content.

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