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Recommendations: Cover Love

Hey all, Dani here.

It’s Friday again already. Wow. For today’s recommendations post I thought I would try and give myself sort of a fun theme, so I’m going to be talking about books that I think have great covers. But, the challenge is that I am limiting myself to books with awesome covers where the story is equally awesome. I mean, I can’t think of any books with gorgeous covers and writing/story/characters that fall flat (at least off the top of my head) but I’m sure they probably exist.

So, okay, that’s what I’m talking about today. Oh, and if you have any ideas for themes for my future recommendations posts, let me know in the comments.


I’m pretty sure I have reviews up for each of these books, so let’s just go with a review recap:

Oh look, there’s one book on this list that I somehow don’t have a review up for, so hmm…I might have to re-read and then review that one sometime soon. Okay, that’s fine. Worth it, especially since it is a fast and great read.

Basically I really enjoyed each of these books and I feel like the covers of these give a pretty good indicator of what you’re going to get when you read the book. So for the pun-tastic adventure by Dawson and Hearne, it even says “Once. A Pun. A Time” on the cover, so expect lots of humor, like seriously, a ridiculous amount of hilarious puns. Thankfully I love a good pun-filled tale, so the Tales of Pell series is perfect for that.

Most of these are pretty good at detailing the wonderful, atmospheric, dark, lush, etc fantasy characters and worlds that will be encountered in the tale. For Muir’s novel, clearly it features a pretty awesome and badass swordswoman character, which is so darn cool…plus there are a lot of skeletons in that one.

With all of the thick black lines on the cover and with the title, Connis’s novel definitely indicates that the book deals heavily with books and censorship, and I’m glad it was a pretty major part of the whole story. If I had seen that cover and not had a lot of discussion on the topic of censorship, it would have been a tiny bit of a let-down.

So yeah, I think all of these books have beautiful covers that match the epicness that can be found within the pages. Check them out if you’re interested. Oh, and if you have any books to recommend that have stunning covers to match their fantastic interiors, then please, let me know in the comments.

I’ll be back soon with more bookish content.

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