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Rip it or Ship it: My Hero Academia

Hey all, Dani and Damian coming to you today.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. We hope you are having a wonderful day, whether you are spending it with friends, family, or a significant other. So, Dani has always been intrigued by the Rip it or Ship it videos on BookTube, and seeing how we don’t have our own channel (yet), we figured we would do a blog version of the tag.

Specifically we’ll be looking at many of the student characters in the manga/anime My Hero Academia. We wrote a bunch of names on slips of paper and folded them up before putting them all in a cup. We’re going to shake up the cup and draw two names out. Then we’ll each decide if we like the pairing together AKA Ship it, or if we think it would be a doomed relationship AKA Rip it.

Dani has reviews up for the entire manga series so far, and both Dani and Damian definitely recommend either reading the manga or watching the anime. It is a fantastic superhero/superpower series.

It should be an amusing time for us at least. Hopefully when we get around to Valentine’s Day next year, we’ll have a series of Rip it or Ship it videos on a YouTube channel.

All right, let’s get started.

Tenya Iida and Eijiro Kirishima

Damian: Ship it. They’d make an amazing tag team. Kirishima’s Quirk allows him to tank and take a lot of hits, while Iida’s speed can rush around behind the enemy. This could be just a partnership, but honestly, the teamwork could end up leading to more.

Dani: Okay, I think I’m going to Ship It as well. Both of these boys have been through a lot, but I feel like Iida’s seriousness and rule-following are an interesting counterpoint to Kirishima’s wildness and volatility. They would end up balancing each other out really well. It could totally work.

Rikido Sato and Tsuyu Asui

Damian: Rip it. They could definitely make a good hero team, but I just can’t ship them in a relationship together. Sato gets dumb when he consumes so much sugar, and Tsuyu is sometimes a bit of a thinker. Plus her aquatic nature doesn’t work too well with his sugar powers.

Dani: Hmm…I don’t know about this one. Sato is a pretty good cook, so I think that makes him a catch in a lot of ways. But I’m a bit protective of Tsuyu, and I technically already have her in an OTP with Tokoyami, so I don’t really think I can ship this. Rip it.

Ibara Shiozaki and Hanta Sero

Damian: Ship it. With their similar Quirks and the fact that they seem to be overshadowed by other character Quirks, I think they would end up seeking each other out and empowering each other.

Dani: Okay, yeah, I’ll Ship it. Sero creates and manipulates his tape, and Ibara pretty much does the same thing with the vines on her head. So, I think they would get along on a Quirk level. Though, I think Ibara is a bit more powerful and serious than Sero, so she may end up overshadowing him in the long run.

Izuku Midoriya and Mezo Shoji

Damian: Rip it. On a Quirk level, I can see them getting along, because they both have body Quirks. Shoji could totally do recon for Midoriya. I just can’t see their personalities meshing together, so a relationship just wouldn’t work between them.

Dani: I’m a Rip it too. Yes, I agree with Damian about their Quirks being decently compatible, but I just can’t see this relationship going past the business side of things. I think Midoriya is too go, go, go, driven by a need to help others, even when it puts him at risk, and Shoji pretty much hangs back more, though he still desires to help others.

Mashirao Ojiro and Minoru Mineta

Damian: Rip it. Mineta is too much into chicks, especially to a perverted level.

Dani: Rip it. Ojiro deserves so much better. Mineta is just a little perverted creep.

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu and Fumikage Tokoyami

Damian: Honestly, with Tokoyami being more reserved and Tetsutetsu being more go go into the fray, it just won’t work. Granted if Dark Shadow took over Tokoyami he would be more of a wild card, but two wild cards together just sounds dangerous. Rip it.

Dani: Rip it. No, just no. I love Tokoyami too much to put him with a guy who is pretty much Kirishima’s doppleganger. Give me Tokoyami and Tsuyu and I will happily ship it until the end of time.

Ochaco Uraraka and Itsuka Kendo

Damian: Ship it. Itsuka has the Quirk Big Fist, and Uraraka has gotten more into hand-to-hand combat, so this could definitely work. They would make a good hero duo as well as a couple.

Dani: Totally shipping this. Girl power for the win, definitely. These ladies would definitely kick butt, work out/train together, and I could absolutely see them cuddling up together on the couch after a long day. It would be adorable.

Katsuki Bakugo and Toru Hagakure

Damian: Okay, I’ll ship it. With Bakugo’s analytical mind, I think he could actually help her out with becoming a stronger hero. And with what we’ve seen of her personality, she might just help smooth him out a bit.

Dani: Rip it. I feel like Toru would be in too much danger of Bakugo’s explosions because of her invisibility. Plus, I think he would just get too frustrated at her and it just wouldn’t work.

Mina Ashido and Kyoka Jiro

Damian: Totally ship this! They have this punk rock thing going for them, and they would absolutely make a great stealth team, with Jiro listening through walls and then Mina making acid holes through the walls.

Dani: Ship it! Apparently I am all about shipping some great lady couples. I definitely like their punk rock awesomeness.

Himiko Toga and Yuga Aoyama

Damian: I ship this for comedic reasons. I can just see him trying to escape, and her dragging him back in.

Dani: I think I have to rip this. Aoyama is so fabulous and Toga is a bit violent and creepy.

Nejire Hado and Momo Yaoyorozu

Damian: Ship. Oh man, the Quirk power of these two alone is enough for me to ship it.

Dani: Shipping this! One of the big three, and one of the more powerful in class 1-A. These two together would be a powerhouse. I imagine Momo could create items that could definitely help amplify Hado’s shockwaves. It would be fantastic.

Mei Hatsumi and Mirio Togata

Damian: Ship it. This would start off academically. Mei would absolutely be studying him all the time, especially with the uniqueness of his Quirk. And I think that Mirio would probably be rather excited by a lot of her inventions.

Dani: Hmm, okay, I would probably ship this. With the difference in power level though, I could see him hogging the spotlight a little at first, but Mei is pretty dogged and persistent, so I think they would actually end up being a good couple in the long run.

Denki Kaminari and Tamaki Amajiki

Damian: Rip it. The difference in Quirks and the fact that when Kaminari uses too much power he ends up being stupid for a while, it would just annoy Tamaki. Not to mention, Kaminari would potentially be a hazard to Tamaki in combat. I think they would clash too much.

Dani: I have to rip this one. Honestly I just feel like Tamaki’s friendship with Mirio could actually lead to Kaminari getting jealous and shocking everyone around him. That would not be healthy, and I would see this relationship ending quickly.

Shoto Todoroki and Koji Koda

Damian: This would be an interesting pairing. Considering what Shoto has seen with Endeavor’s quest for power and such, this would obviously be a cute forbidden romance type thing, because Koda’s Quirk is not super-powerful, but it is useful and unique.

Dani: Ship it. Okay, this is a cute pairing. Koda is a quiet and shy individual, but I feel like he could be what Todoroki needs to find peace within himself. And I think that Todoroki’s drive and determination could actually help Koda to open up a bit. I like the possibilities of these two together.

All right, well that is all for today. And actually, if anyone would be interested, we may do this again later this month, but for Fairy Tail. It was fun to debate these pairings a little bit.

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