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Calendar Girls: October 2018

Hey all, Dani here.

Welcome back to another month of Calendar Girls. As always I’ll start this post by saying that Calendar Girls is a monthly blog event that was started by Flavia and Melanie, but is now being hosted by Katie and Adrienne. They are all wonderful ladies, and you should check out their lovely blogs. Oh, and if you go to either Katie or Adrienne‘s Calendar Girls post each month, they will have links to all the other wonderful book bloggers participating in this event. It’s a great way to find new bookish friends, and also possibly add some more books to your TBR.


First, more about the Calendar Girls. It is designed to ignite bookish discussions among readers, and was inspired by the 1961 Neil Sedaka song, Calendar Girl.

Just like the song, each month has a different theme. Each blogger picks their favorite book from the theme, and on the first Monday of the month reveals their pick in a Calendar Girls post. Make sure to post back to the hostess’s post, and both Katie and Adrienne will make a master list for the month. The master lists allow everyone to see the other Calendar Girls’ picks and to pop on over to their blogs. Thus, we all get to chat about books and even make some new friends!

Now it is time for the October theme…

Hocus Pocus

Favorite Book with Witches

Oh man…these themes continue to be so wonderful and yet at the same time, that makes it so difficult to choose a top pick.

Again, it is so obvious to think of Harry Potter, but I don’t think it is actually my favorite book with witches, and I have totally read so very many books with magic users in my life. That is another reason why this became such a difficult choice.

So I thought about The Magicians by Lev Grossman, and I thought about Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. For a brief moment I thought about The Secret Circle by L.J. Smith and Sweep by Cate Tiernan, but they aren’t my favorite book with magic users.

Eventually I had to land on one of my favorite atmospheric reads, a book that is perfect for this time of year. The book I am talking about is one that I own in hardcover, e-book, and audiobook. I have read it a few times, and there is just something about it.

Yes, I know the book I’m about to name is one where some people don’t like it that much. It really seems to be an either love or hate sort of reaction. But this book was simply magical and enchanting to me. The descriptions whisked me away into the tale and I was utterly entranced.

What book am I talking about? Well, here we go. It is time for me to announce my choice for this month’s theme.


I just love The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Actually, just writing up this post makes me want to go pick up the book and read it again.

Okay, yes, I know that technically the magic users in this book aren’t called by the term witches, but I’m still going to say that it counts. In many fantasy novels and such, the terms of witch, wizard, mage, sorcerer, magus, magician, etc, seem to be used interchangeably.

The format of this story is pretty interesting to me, as it follows both the creation of Le Cirque des Reves, as well as a time many years later, after the circus has been grown and developed quite a bit. I loved exploring the various tents that were created as part of this magicians challenge. Every time I got to open the pages and walk through the Night Circus, I just wanted to keep reading, because I wanted to stay in the world.

Even listening to the audiobook, I was sad when I reached my destination and needed to pause in my listening. Jim Dale does an excellent job narrating the story. For those who don’t know, Jim Dale also narrates the Harry Potter audiobooks. He even does a good job with both British and American accents. It is fantastic.

If you want more of my rambling gushing about this book, feel free to visit the link to my review from my re-read of this book last year.

Anyway, I do think that is all from me for today. Please check out the rest of the Calendar Girls posts to see what they chose, and feel free to join us. This group is not just for ladies; we welcome all kinds of book lovers. I am looking forward to seeing what the theme is for November, and that should be announced in the next week or so.

Thanks for reading everyone. I will be back soon with more bookish content.

12 thoughts on “Calendar Girls: October 2018”

    1. Yeah. I spent a lot of time looking at my bookshelves, and I would pause at a book and think, well technically they call themselves magi, or no, these characters are wizards, etc. etc. So I went with a broad definition of witches, meaning magic users. Otherwise my choice for the month might have been something like Macbeth.

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  1. You sell it good with your atmospheric read! Now I want to read this love or hate book because creating just the right atmosphere is a gift!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The dislike of this book is primarily people saying that there isn’t much of a plot. I disagree with them, but the plot is a bit slower moving. But this is one of my favorite books, so if/when you pick it up, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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