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WIP Wednesday – March 29

Hey all, Sam and David here. Welcome back, everyone! I can't believe that it's Wednesday already again. My mom is coming to visit in one more week, and there's still a lot to do around the house. We're trying to consolidate some of those boxes that we still haven't managed to get unpacked, and to… Continue reading WIP Wednesday – March 29


Series Review: Bridgerton Series by Julia Quinn

Hey all, Dani here. Today I am bringing a review style that I don't really do that frequently...and that is to talk about multiple books at the same time. While I realize that a mini-review format would actually help me quickly catch up on my review backlog, I generally feel like each book deserves its… Continue reading Series Review: Bridgerton Series by Julia Quinn

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Watch & Review

Hey all, Dani here. Since I started getting back into the swing of blogging again, I've been talking about wanting to have posts about more than just books and reading, so I figured for today I would just try and do some mini-reviews and discussions of things I've been watching lately. My April Reading Wrap-Up… Continue reading Watch & Review