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Life Updates

Hey all….Sam here.

Wow, it kind of feels weird to open with my actual name instead of the pen name I’ve used online for something like 18 years. But I’ve done a lot of thinking about it and I’m going to write as myself online from now on.

So, I have updated my Twitter and Instagram handles and am no longer @DanielleThamasa. Now you can find me @SamRushingBooks.

Continuing on with big news and life changes…my husband and I have quit the factory job we’ve been at for most of the last decade and are in the process of packing up our house in preparation for a move out of Ohio. We have accepted full-time jobs with our friends at Colorworld Books. We’re pretty excited about it, but also a bit nervous. It’s a big life change, but it will mean getting paid to do stuff we enjoy, stuff revolving around books and anime and conventions and board games and D&D. It’s going to be great.

What all of that means is that as I start to bring this blog back, I’m going to be talking about more than just books.

Because, yes, I am bringing the blog back. I can’t guarantee a post schedule, not yet with everything as chaotic as it is. But I do have quite a few subscription boxes to cover in unboxing posts and I have book hauls to talk about from this year, and of course, a number of book reviews from stuff I’ve read and need to talk about.

Oh, also, I’m writing again. Not really anything that I’m sharing just yet, but I’m excited about it. So, I’ll probably have some posts about worldbuilding and creativity and writing coming too.

And I haven’t gotten to it yet, but I’m going to be changing my site/domain name. Mousai Books just won’t fit with the new vibe and path of this page anymore. The new name shall be Free State of Geek, which my husband and I also use on Facebook and YouTube….and if things go well, we may start doing some geeky videos on YT in future as well.

Well…I think that is all for today. I sure hope I’m back soon with more geeky content. I’ve missed this, and I’ve missed you all.

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