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September Book Haul and OwlCrate Unboxing

Hey all, Dani here.

I had originally thought about keeping up with at least my book hauls each month, but with manufacturing and shipping delays, I started running into my OwlCrates coming either at the very last minute or not until the following month. Speaking of…the December OwlCrate isn’t expected to ship until something like mid-January, so my December haul will probably be late.

Of course I also just kept not writing up blog posts when I wanted to. I would procrastinate and then forget about it, and by the time I remembered, I was so mad at myself for putting it off that I just didn’t post at all. Seriously, this year has been not great for a lot of things. It’s been great because I finally got to have my wedding, and it’s been nice because of our regularly scheduled sessions of D&D. Everything else has just felt like a slogging trek through mud or quicksand or something.

Anyway, today I’m here to talk about my September–yes, my September book haul and OwlCrate Unboxing. So let’s start with the book haul.

September was a pretty decent month for buying books, although I’ve only read two of these books. It continues on my year of wanting to read ALL THE BOOKS but just not having that driving urge to read. Honestly it feels like this second half of the year hasn’t been filled with huge book hauls, although I do have a couple of bigger ones.

It still just feels very weird to have so many books that I really really want to read and just not picking them up when I have the free time to read. Instead I’ve been endlessly scrolling through social media and binge watching shows on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime Video. I hope I can get out of this funk soon.

Okay, now onto the OwlCrate Unboxing.

The September Theme was Haunted Hearts. This box had the next installment in the seasonal drinkware set, which I thought was pretty nice, but my favorite items are the coasters, which we definitely use every time we have our friend group over for D&D, and the calligraphy set. Oh, and those magnet photo frames are definitely on my refrigerator right now, helping hold a couple recipes up. We don’t really put photos up on our fridge.

September also marked our brief return to conventions. My husband and I helped out at the Colorworld Books booth at Cincinnati Comic Expo. The convention was requiring masks during the whole show, but we were both still very anxious about going. It was a nice time, but I can definitely say that I’m glad we don’t have another convention on our schedule until next September. I sincerely hope the US can make some progress when it comes to this pandemic by then.

The only other activities of note for September and beginning of October was that Damian (my husband) and I went to the Ohio Renaissance Festival a few times to pick up our costumes and accessories for our wedding, which was October 30th. The Ren Festival grounds were packed, which was not my favorite aspect of the days. They weren’t doing any sort of attendance cap, and it made the lines for everything so long, and it was so difficult to walk around anywhere.

Anyway, I’ll probably do a small post about the highlight of our year, share some photos from the wedding day as well as a few photos from the honeymoon. Maybe I’ll do that between the October and November book haul posts this week.

All right. Well, thanks for stopping by. I’ll be back tomorrow with my October Book Haul and OwlCrate Unboxing post.

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