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Plans for the Blog

Hey all, Dani here.

It’s time for some changes. Now, don’t worry, I’m not getting rid of this blog or anything…at least not yet. I have thought about doing a YouTube channel for a number of years now and I just haven’t done it, but my fiance and I are talking about possibly working on a geeky channel together, where we can talk about books and manga/anime and comics and board games and video games and naturally we’ll talk a lot of D&D. But that’s still a back burner idea. If/when we do start the channel, I will be sure to let you all know.

However, in that same vein, I am planning on expanding on the blog a bit. For the past five years I have done about 90% books and then 10% writing and other geeky interests. Which was fine and I enjoyed it, but sometimes it led to a bunch of stress in the planning and prep of my posts because I was boxing myself in to just one area of who I am.

Well, no more.

I miss the days of posting on here every day. And I enjoy talking about all of my geeky interests.

So, my goal is to try and start putting up posts every day. But, to make things less stressful for me, I’m going to go for daily quick bites. Basically I want to write a shorter post every day. And then there will be occasional longer posts for book reviews or a random discussion post or something.

The Calendar Posts are staying. I’ll probably be bringing back Manga Monday. We’re in the middle of Camp NaNoWriMo right now, so expect some writing posts. I really need to catch up on my NetGalley reviews. Oh, and I’m participating in Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon again this year (the next round is Saturday, April 24th), so I’ll have a TBR up soon…and possibly an updated post about tips and tricks for doing a 24 Hour Readathon.

Some of my posts will be about board games. Some will be about writing. Some will be about conventions. Some will be about video games. Some will talk about movies or TV shows. Some might talk about cosplaying. There will definitely be posts about Dungeons & Dragons, both from a DM perspective and a player perspective. Some might be about Renaissance Festivals. There possibly will be some talking about Damian and I’s upcoming wedding (we rescheduled from last year because of COVID, so the wedding is now at the end of October 2021).

I hope you all will join me in this new adventure.

Oh, and speaking of the new adventure, you’ll also probably notice the name of this blog changing. I’m moving away from Mousai Books because I will be talking about so much more than just books. The new name going forward will be Free State of Geek. I’ll be making those changes in the upcoming weeks.

Thanks everyone!

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