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Banned Books Week 2020

Hey all, Dani here.

Today is the start of Banned Books Week for 2020. Normally I have a big post talking about this event, and then I like to do recommendations posts and discussion posts and other stuff to highlight the importance of the freedom to read, and the issues of censorship that comes up, particularly when it comes to schools and libraries.

I wish that I wasn’t so overloaded right now, and I could actually write up a proper post this year. Instead, for the moment, I will just point you towards the official Banned Books Week web site for more information.

I will also point you in the direction of some of my past posts:

Perhaps I’ll be able to write up another post talking about this important event and topic later this week, but for now, I hope these links point you in the direction of some great information.

Happy reading, everyone!

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