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Weekly Wrap-Up (74)

Hey all, Dani here.

Oh man, you guys. I feel like this is going to be a pretty short wrap-up for the week, because I haven’t done a whole lot. I’ve been so busy with work, and trying to reset my life/work/sleep schedule AGAIN. This is like the sixth time this year I’ve had to try and reset everything, and it is just so annoying and stressful.

I need some time to rest and relax…and thankfully we have a 5 day vacation coming up. We have booked a hotel room so we can get away from home, and also so we can have good internet, which will allow us to participate in Gen Con Online July 30-Aug 2, so that’s pretty cool.

Also, my 32nd birthday is Aug 1, so cool. I think I’ll go buy some books or something.

Anyway, I haven’t played any video games in the last week, again. Goodness, I feel like a broken record week after week not getting any game play in. Though, I guess I did get to play Dungeons & Dragons this past weekend. Damian’s group asked me to sub in because they were going to be missing a couple players, and then at the end of the session, the Dungeon Master offered me a permanent spot at the table, which felt really awesome. So I get to play D&D more now. This actually might end up helping me with my creative juices for writing my own novel. I hope so, anyway.

Okay, as for what I’ve been reading the past week, because I haven’t actually finished a book in the past week…well, it’s all work related. I’ve been re-reading Teleworld by Rachel Kelly because of the Colorworld Readalong I’m hosting on my blog, and I’m re-reading Shadoworld by Rachel Kelly because I’m highlighting all of the dialogue in different colors, so each voice actor knows which lines to read in the recording booth and which character those lines belong to. It’s pretty interesting work, actually. So yeah, no new reading over the past week, but I guess I have read something like maybe 200 pages in total. It’s better than nothing, I suppose.

This weekend though, I am hoping to accomplish a lot of reading…some of it because I need to due to participating in a couple blog tours next week. So yeah, I’m on the blog tour for Lobizona and my review will be up Tuesday, July 28th, and I’m also on the blog tour for Spells for the Dead and my review will be up Thursday, July 30th. Yes, I’m on the tour for the fifth book in the series and so far I’ve only read the first book. But I read it pretty quickly, so I’m feeling good about my chances to read the rest of the books this weekend…especially since I already told Damian that I need to read.

Well, I suppose that is all for today. I’ll hopefully be back soon with more bookish content.

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