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Weekly Wrap-Up (53)

Hey all, Dani here.

I am so glad that we’ve made it to the halfway point of the week already, but I am so tired of not being able to get a decent amount of sleep. Right now it seems like every other night I’m lucky to get a few hours of sleep, and it’s wearing me down a bit. It just seems like my body is in fierce denial of me being on a second shift work schedule again. I had gotten used to being on first shift, and so even two months into this change in my work and life schedule, I’m still not used to it.

Anyway, welcome back to my weekly post where I talk about what I’ve done, played, watched, and read over the past week, as well as a peek into what I’m currently reading and what I’m hoping to start next.

Okay, so I actually picked up my old SEGA Genesis gaming console to play some classic Sonic the Hedgehog and other games over the past week, but I didn’t play too much because I’ve just been a bit tired, and also not really in much of a gaming mood overall. But that’s okay, because at least I’ve been in a reading and watching mood.

Speaking of watches, I watched the first season of “Outlander,” again, which actually helped me get back in to the reading mood for the series. I’m still holding true to my requirement that I finish a book in the series before I can watch the corresponding season, but that means that I’m finally about to watch season 2, so I’m excited about that. Oh, and Damian and I went to see “Sonic the Hedgehog” again last weekend. It was supposed to be a movie night with Damian’s brother so he could get more theater reward points, but he ended up canceling at the last minute, and Damian and I decided to go watch the movie anyway. I guess I should also say that I watched the third episode of “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist,” and I am still really enjoying the show. Yes, some parts are a bit ridiculous, but overall it is an interesting story, with a fun yet emotional plot and character connections.

Both Damian and I are really excited for this weekend because we’re going to go see the new “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising” movie. It’s been really interesting and fun to watch the show and the movies since meeting a few of the voice actors from the English cast.

First up, let’s talk about the books that I finished reading in the last week, which isn’t a whole lot, but it also technically is when you think of how long a couple of them are. But what I’m honestly proudest of is finally finishing Dragonfly in Amber. I don’t know what it is about the Outlander series but it takes me forever to read each book. I can sit down and get through like 100-ish pages in one reading session, but then I end up setting the book aside for weeks before picking it up again. And it’s not because the books aren’t good, because they are, but I don’t know. I set this one down a year ago, and finally picked it back up this week, mostly because of re-watching the first season. Also, reading Fatal Throne has sort of made me want to start watching “The Tudors” again, so I guess we’ll see what happens. Maybe I’ll get back to it after I watch the second season of “Outlander.”

Next is current reads. I have two paperbacks, a Middle Grade e-book through the Libby app, and an e-galley for an August release on my Kindle app, so a decent variety…though all of the reads are within the overall genre of fantasy. If I can finish The Magician King and the third book in the Monster of Selkirk series then I will have completed another two books off of my February TBR, which I have barely paid attention to all month. I think with these two reads I’ll have picked up five books out of my list of 19. But I’ve still read quite a few fantasy books, so I guess I’m still doing great.

Finally, there are the books that I’m hoping to read in the next week. I’m technically only going to focus on the books that I’m hoping to get to before the end of February, because on Sunday I’ll have my February Wrap-Up and March TBR post up and that will show the books I’m hoping to read in March, which yet again, is a pretty long list, so that should be fun. But Damian has his bi-weekly D&D game with his friends, so I’ll have a decent chunk of the evening to myself, so I plan to basically just read the whole time. It should be pretty nice, and I’m hoping to get through quite a few pages, obviously.

All right, well that is all from me for today. Let me know what you’re reading in the comments, and I’ll be back soon with more bookish content.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up (53)”

  1. Sometimes books are enjoyable but heavy. Like I’m taking a big break before reading the second Wheel of Time book because while the first one was really enjoyable, it was also a really heavy read. Lots of details to pay attention to, lots of intertwining plots and a huge cast of characters. Idk if maybe it’s the same deal with the book series you keep taking breaks with?

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    1. That is a very good point. The Outlander series is a historical romance, and it is very well researched and described. So it could be because of all of the details, or it also could be because I typically read big fantasy books and not really many books of other genres.


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