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Weekly Wrap-Up (40)

Hey all, Dani here.

We have made it through another week, and this weekend marks the end of November and the beginning of the final month of 2019. Wow. That is seriously impressive. I hope that you are doing well with all of your 2019 goals (whether reading related or not), and if you are behind, I wish you luck in that race to the finish line–You can do it!

Okay, first up is watches. Over the weekend we went to the theater to see the new movie “Harriet,” which was really good. We also watched the newest episode of “The Mandalorian,” which still continues to be a great show. Finally I finished up season one in my re-watch of “Arrow,” and I only have a few more episodes left in season two.

As for reads, I finally finished some books. I read The Wicked + The Divine Volume 9: “Okay” by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson, and Clayton Cowles, The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern, The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White, and Horizontal Collaboration by Mademoiselle Navie and Carole Maurel.

I am currently reading Twice in a Blue Moon by Christina Lauren. It was my work reading book for this week, but I’m obviously not going to set it aside because of the long weekend. I’ll finish it very soon. I also randomly decided to pick up Mistborn: The Last Empire by Brandon Sanderson (again).

As for what I’m reading next, I don’t know exactly what book or books I’m going to gravitate to just yet, but I know that my plans for the rest of the year are pretty extensive. I actually wrote up a post about that yesterday.

Honestly, that’s all from me for today. Now I need to go bake some pies so I’m ready for all the Thanksgiving meals I have to go to tomorrow. Have a wonderful day and I’ll be back soon with more bookish content.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up (40)”

    1. The Wicked + The Divine was a really intriguing series. I’m actually a little sad that it’s over. But I own all of the volumes so I can reread them at any time.
      And yeah, I pick up Mistborn again every couple years and read it again. I need to read the rest of the series though. I’ve only made it a couple hundred pages into Well of Ascension.

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