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Manga Review: Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits, Vol 4

Hey all, Dani here.

Happy Monday, everyone! Wow, we’re about halfway through October already. It’s finally started to really feel like fall outside. I’m spending my evenings bundled up in a hoodie and curled up under a blanket. Our Keurig is also getting a lot of use because now is the time of drinking so much coffee, hot tea, hot cider, and hot cocoa.

Oh, and in a few days Damian and I are going to a special event at the Columbus Zoo, which is supposed to be a spooky musical mystery evening. I don’t exactly know what’s going to happen, but we do get to run around the zoo after hours, so it sounds like a fun time to me.

Anyway, let’s jump into today’s review.

Kakuriyo Vol4

Book Details

Art by: Waco Ioka

Original Story by: Midori Yuma

Character Design by: Laruha


Faced with the choice of being married to a strange spirit or being made into dinner, Aoi creates a third option for herself!

Aoi Tsubaki inherited her grandfather’s ability to see spirits—and his massive debt to them! Now she’s been kidnapped and taken to Kakuriyo, the spirit world, to make good on his bill. Her options: marry the head of the inn her grandfather trashed, or get eaten by ayakashi. But Aoi isn’t the type to let spirits push her around, and she’s determined to redeem her grandfather’s IOU on her own terms!

Aoi is finally ready to open her restaurant on the grounds of the Tenjin-ya inn, but not everyone is as excited about it as she is. Some of the chefs of the main restaurant are doing everything they can to destroy her business before it even has a chance to start! Aoi is determined to keep going, but her detractors are deadly serious about stopping her.

My Thoughts

Rating: 5 stars

I’m sad that this one felt shorter than the last couple of volumes. Also, it doesn’t matter if I’ve just eaten a big meal or not, every time I read one of these I feel hungry. So much of this story is focused on food, and so there are lots of descriptions of food and food preparation in this. It all sounds so yummy.

So in this volume, Aoi has been in Kakuriyo for a little while and she’s getting ready to open up her own little restaurant, but of course there are those trying to stop her from it. It’s clear that they’ve heard how good her cooking is and they want to be the only source of food at Tenjin-ya inn.

The dynamics of the different spirits and factions here at Kakuriyo keeps developing and deepening, and the complications and plots that arise from it all only make the story more fascinating. If there weren’t these sorts of obstacles then it wouldn’t give Aoi the chance to connect with and change the opinions of spirits. She also probably wouldn’t learn more about her grandfather either.

I find this series to be interesting, and I do like a few of the characters, but I think it’s the delicious foods that keep me coming back for more, at least right now. I’m hoping that I’ll keep getting drawn farther and farther into the characters and story as more volumes come out.

Where to Get a Copy

You can pick up your own copy of this volume from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million, Book Depository, or your local independent bookstore.Where to Get a Copy

You can also check with your local library.

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