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Book Review: Cyber Knot by Paige Etheridge

Hey guys Damian here, sorry it’s been a bit. GenCon is coming up fast and I still have cosplay that needs done. however I am in the middle of another book and I just finished this one so I haven’t forgot about the blog.

Note with this review, I was asked to review it by the author. Receiving a copy of the book will not effect my review as it will still be honest as any other.


An economy boosted by drugs. A dying subculture replacing body parts with see-through prosthetic organs. Independent armies with intentions unknown. A girl who ran away from her gang due to fears of her own romantic stirrings, as well as the purpose of the chip the same man put inside her. Something else is coming, and it’s much bigger than the drug battle of her soon to be wiped out ex-gang.


Rating: 3.5

Okay so first thing with this book was the cover and summary. They didn’t wow me but I know looks can be decieving and still decided to give it a chance. I had a bit of a hard time following the first several chapters, but once getting past that it did get better for me. The concept of the story seems fine, I just felt like the execution was lacking. I also noticed a lot of words being reused over and over, making some parts a bit monotonous. I enjoyed the story for the most part but I feel it has a lot of potential it didn’t live up to.

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