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Mid Year Book Freakout Tag

Hey all, Dani here.

So, it’s that time of year again, time for the middle of the year freakout. Are you behind on your reading goals? Is your TBR piling up too high? How has the time flown by so quickly? So I have this post for 2017 and 2018, so you can check out my past Book Freakouts there, but let’s jump into the 2019 edition.

The rules are very simple: answer the prompts. That’s it, so let’s jump into this.

Best Book You’ve Read So Far in 2019

Okay, I can’t pick just one for this because I don’t actually rank books in any sort of order, but you can expect both of these to show up on my Top Ten Reads of 2019 So Far post, which will be posted on July 4th.

Best Sequel You’ve Read So Far in 2019

Oh man, pretty much every “sequel” I’ve read is for a series of manga, or the book is technically a companion, not a proper sequel.


Most Anticipated Release for the Second Half of the Year

If you could see my list of anticipated releases, you would know that there are so many options for this. I have something like 67 books on my anticipated release list for July-December, and that doesn’t mean that is all the books I’m excited for, because I’m sure there are some books I haven’t actually discovered yet. But for right now, I’m going to say this one is my most anticipated for the rest of the year.


Biggest Disappointment

This one is surprisingly an easy choice. I expected to like this book so much more than I actually did.


Biggest Surprise


I’ll be honest here. Though I had been watching Christine’s updates on her novel writing since the beginning of 2016, and I knew how excited she was about it and everything, there was still a part of me worried that it wouldn’t actually be all that good. Some celebrities or online personalities end up being just okay, but it’s their fans doing the heavy lifting. Thank goodness I did not feel that way with this book. Actually, I really want to read it again already. It was a wonderful and moving story.

Favorite New Author (or new to you)

I have loved discovering each of these authors, and definitely look forward to reading more of their books in the future.

Newest Fictional Crush


No fictional crush will ever compare to my real life crush: my fiance Damian. But I guess I’ll go with Silas and/or Nathaniel. They were both rather intriguing characters.

Newest Favorite Character


Pick a character, any character.

Book That Made You Cry

The Monster of Selkirk Book II

There was some stuff in here that really got to me. I won’t say more because of spoilers, but I am definitely invested in this series.

Book That Made You Happy

Honestly, books in general make me happy, so any of the 110-ish books I’ve read this year qualify, but I’m going to go with this one. There’s nothing like the whimsical fun that comes from reading Middle Grade books.


Favorite Book to Film Adaptation

The only book I’ve read this year that has a film adaptation is this one. Thankfully I love them both…granted for different reasons, but still. I guess it counts.


Favorite Post You’ve Done This Year

Review: Wicked Saints by Emily A Duncan

Middle Grade March Announcement

Recommendations: Fantasy, Round Two

Discussion: Rereading Books

Most Beautiful Book You’ve Bought This Year


New Release You Haven’t Read Yet But Want To

Book You Need to Read by the End of the Year

Wow, there are SO MANY books that could go here. I’ll just pick a few.

If you haven’t yet done this post and would like to, consider yourself TAGGED! I would love to see your answers. That’s all for today but I’ll be back soon with more bookish content.

9 thoughts on “Mid Year Book Freakout Tag”

    1. Yay! Yeah, I just saw it listed on an upcoming fantasy releases post from B&N and picked it up…and then very quickly devoured it. I’m going to have to read more Sam Sykes books now.


    1. Woohoo! I love finding new favorite authors. Of course that’s also why I very much dislike the question “who’s your favorite author?” I have so many favorites that it is difficult to choose one to answer the question.

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