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Signal Boost: LUSH Cosmetics

Hey all, Dani here.

I know that my new schedule has Sundays as a book tag day, but I’ve been wanting to talk about a company that makes awesome bath bombs for a little while now and I just can’t hold it in any longer. Plus, my to-do list got a little crazy leading up to our long weekend away, and I ran out of time to properly do a book tag.

Anyway, I have started to really enjoy bath times again. I loved taking baths when I was a kid, but then I got older and taller and…well, bigger. I couldn’t really do baths anymore because too much of me was out of the water and I didn’t really enjoy that experience. But since we moved, I’ve definitely taken notice of the fact that our guest bathroom has a slightly bigger and deeper tub, which makes it pretty perfect for a nice relaxing bath.

This led me to starting to pay attention to bath bombs a bit more, and I had seen Regan from PeruseProject on YouTube talk about LUSH Cosmetics and all of their products quite a bit. I had browsed some of their bath bomb selection online but hadn’t bothered to actually try them. Then Damian pointed out that we had a LUSH Cosmetics store at the Polaris Fashion Place, the local-ish mall where I do a lot of my book shopping. Seriously, to find anything that isn’t a used or rare book store, I have to drive 45 minutes to an hour away–then again, worth it for the book hauls I bring home.

So I decided to try them…and I love them. They are a wonderful company that hand makes all of their bath bombs, using natural ingredients. Okay, so they have soaps and face scrubs and other sorts of beauty products as well, but I’ve only ever tried the bath bombs.

I’m not someone who spends money on face masks or lotions or creams or any beauty products really. And most of my splurge budget goes to books or movies or D&D accessories. But I’ve been to the LUSH store twice and walked out with three bath bombs each time.

The styles of the bombs are cute, and I think the names and colors and scents are very creative. The one bath bomb, Melusine, (in the photo with The Philosopher’s Flight) started off as a light green then turned dark green and finally a dark blue by the end of the bath. It was a magical mermaid experience.

And the swirling colors of Intergalactic (shown with Aurora Rising) just made it fun to watch as the bathtub filled up.

I generally put in a bath bomb, turn on the CD player, and relax while reading for an hour (or two), and it has actually put me in a much better mood overall. I like this small way to pamper myself, and I will definitely be trying out more LUSH bath bombs in the future.


11 thoughts on “Signal Boost: LUSH Cosmetics”

      1. Oh yay! I only found Lush last year and fell in love! In Australia we just had a new Lush promotion that introduced 50 new bath bombs 😱 I may have gone a little nuts and bought a lot.

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