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Cover Reveal: The Veil of Ashes by S. Usher Evans

Hey all, Dani here.

Wow, two posts in one day. It wasn’t my original plan, but I just received notice a few days ago about being approved as part of this Cover Reveal, so rather than try and push off my normal Manga Monday Review post, I decided it made more sense to just have two posts. I hope you’re all all right with that.

Alrighty then. Let’s just jump into the post.

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Today I’m excited to participate in the cover reveal for THE VEIL OF ASHES by S. Usher Evans! This is the second book in an epic YA Fantasy series and book one, The City of Veils, just released on April 16th! Check out the beautiful cover designed by Jo Painter below and don’t forget to enter the INTL giveaway by going to the link later in the post.

Before I jump into talking about the cover for the second book and the cover reveal, I will first talk about the first book in the series, which was just released recently. It sounds really interesting, and I look forward to reading it soon. You all know that I’m a fan of reading fantasy stories, and I typically am a fan of rogue or rebel princesses, and this series seems to feature exactly that type of lady.


About The City of Veils (Princess Vigilante #1)

Title: The City of Veils

Series: Princess Vigilante #1

Author: S. Usher Evans
Publisher: Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing

Published: April 16, 2019
Genres: YA Fantasy
Goodreads | Buy here:

For the past three years, Brynna has been patrolling the streets of Forcadel as a masked vigilante, protecting the innocent and beating up bad guys. Her current target is Lord Beswick, a slumlord businessman who keeps the townsfolk in a vicious poverty cycle. But one fateful evening, she’s captured by Felix, the captain of the king’s guard, and told a shocking truth: her father and brother are dead, and she needs to hang up her mask and become queen.

Before long, she negotiates a deal with Felix: attend to her royal duties during the day and continue her vigilante mission to take out Lord Beswick at night – at least until her coronation. But the politics of Forcadel are as volatile as the streets, and Brynna isn’t sure whom she can trust in the castle. With two royals dead in less than a month, she must use all her wits to make sure she isn’t the third.

The City of Veils is the first book in the Princess Vigilante trilogy, an epic YA Fantasy from S. Usher Evans, author of the Lexie Carrigan Chronicles, Madion War Trilogy, and Empath. It was released by Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing on April 16, 2019.

That sounds pretty interesting right? I wish my TBR wasn’t so out of control; it would make it easier to find the time to read some of these books I’m just learning about. Okay, so I think I’ve held off long enough. Let’s get into the cover reveal, and then after that stick around for the giveaway link. It’s your chance to get copies of both of these books.

Are you ready for the cover of the second book? Okay, here it is.

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

. . . .

the veil of ashes cover final4557111392344557427..png

About the Book:
Title: The Veil of Ashes

Series: Princess Vigilante #2

Author: S. Usher Evans
Publisher: Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing

Publishing Date: July 9, 2019
Genres: YA Fantasy

Preorder: SGR Pub | Amazon | iBooks


Blindsided by betrayal, Brynna has been licking her wounds away from the city she loves. But the call to duty soon becomes too much to bear, and Brynna embarks on a quest for friends and allies who’ll help her reclaim what was once hers. But vengeance comes with a heavy toll, one Brynna isn’t sure she’s willing to pay.

The Veil of Ashes is the blockbuster sequel to The City of Veils, which Foreward Reviews calls, “entertaining from the first page to the last.”

What do you think of that? They both sound pretty interesting, and thanks to this cover reveal, there is a chance that you can get your own copies of the books. And we book lovers really like it when we can get more books to read and add to our collections.

INTL Tour-wide Giveaway

A copy of The City of Veils plus a preorder of The Veil of Ashes from Book Depository. Open International. (More chances to win by entering in all the Instagram accounts participating with #TheVeilofAshesMTMC)

About S. Usher Evans

S. Usher Evans was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida. After a decade of fighting bureaucratic battles as an IT consultant in Washington, DC, she suffered a massive quarter-life-crisis. She decided fighting dragons was more fun than writing policy, so she moved back to Pensacola to write books full-time. She currently resides with her two dogs, Zoe and Mr. Biscuit, and frequently can be found plotting on the beach.

Evans is the author of the Demon Spring Trilogy, the Razia Series, the Madion War Trilogy, the Lexie Carrigan Chronicles, and Empath.

Website | Twitter | Instagram

Whew, okay, well I do believe that is all from me today. I hope you all are having a lovely Monday, and I will be back soon with more bookish content.

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