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Book Review: Wicca Plain and Simple

Damian Trypp here.

Okay so I found this and couple of others at a nice little Indie book store that has like 32 rooms to get lost in. That and today (Sunday) me and the future missus went and painted a bunch of miniatures for our Dungeons and Dragons groups. Anywho here’s the review for this one.


In Wicca Plain and Simple, Leanna Green away has crafted a contemporary approach to Wicca in order to introduce witchcraft to both beginners and the merely curious. Among the many beauties of witchcraft is the freedom of spiritual expression that it offers. A person. Who follows the essence of Wicca respects the Earth and seeks to live in harmony with nature. With this book as your guide, you can explore the Wiccan path as a healing and positive force and learn how magic is practised with tarot cards, herbs candles, and pendulums. Green away provides simple spells for love,health,wealth,career, and family happiness. This introductory guide shows how ancient, life-affirming Wiccan traditions can be meaningful and accessible to you today by providing a basic understanding understanding of the key elements of witchcraft. Lunar magic, Initiation, Herbs and gardens, pendulum power, and Animal magic.


Rating: 4.5

I’m not experienced with this subject but I definitely enjoyed the reading of this rather small book. It gave me a lot of ideas and led to a few other reads on the subject of Wicca and I’ve even compiled a small stack of reading material because of it. Which is nice as this book seems to do the job it has set out to do for those who are beginners or just curious.

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