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What I’m Reading (49)

Hey all, Dani here.

When I first started drafting up this post–on Sunday, because I try to use my weekend mornings to get ahead on the blog for the week–I thought I wouldn’t have much of an update. Since I’m reading a couple of larger books, I’m not finishing them as quickly as with the novellas and manga volumes. However, with all the snow we got from Saturday into Sunday, I was perfectly content to spend the day curled up on the couch with a stack of books, a hot beverage, and some music or random movies playing in the background.

So let’s just get started with what I’ve read in the past week.

I managed to finish a pretty great book on writing, and then a rather large fantasy tome that I’ve had on my reading list for quite some time. I’m proud of that, but I’ll probably wait a couple months before I pick up the sequel. I have a lot of other big books on my 2019 TBR. I also decided to pick up a couple of quick manga reads. I’m building up another expansive backlog of manga that needs reviewing.

Okay, so let’s move on to my current reads.

Right now I am working on a fantasy Three Musketeers inspired novel by an author I’ve come to really enjoy, and also a Netgalley ARC that has been on my anticipated release list for a while, but only recently on my I have it in my hands and can read it list. Hopefully neither of these will really take too long to read.

Finally, let’s talk about what I’m hoping to read soon. Well, in just one week I’ll be hosting the #JanJamJarReadathon and I’ve already selected my TBR for that event. So for what I’m hoping to read soon, I have to be a bit selective, because it would be easiest if I can complete these reads before the readathon.

So, for right now, I’m probably going to say that my upcoming reads probably include some more manga, and the other TBR mug pick that I haven’t read yet: Sisters of the Winter Wood.

Well, that’s all for me today. I hope you all are staying warm, and that you are reading plenty of awesome books. Let me know in the comments if there are any I need to add to my TBR. I’ll be back soon with more bookish content.

4 thoughts on “What I’m Reading (49)”

  1. I’ve switched things up regarding my pregnancy leave so it MIGHT be possible I’m joining your JanJamJar Readathon after all! It’ll all depend on how tired / sleep-deprived I am by then, haha.
    [And if I checked correctly, 8 pm EST on the 29th equals 2 am CET on the 30th so I’ll definitely be starting later if I join in. 🙂 ]

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  2. Do you like Delicious in Dungeon so far? Personally, it’s one of my favorite series out right now just because it’s so unique. If you are enjoying it, you would probably also like 4 Cut Hero! It’s another fantasy series based on an RPG that doesn’t follow the traditional standards of an action series. It’s a lot more focused on comedy and provides a lighthearted look on a fantasy based story while still remaining interesting. If you end up trying it, I would love to hear what you think!

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    1. Delicious in Dungeon is a little odd…in a good way. The comedy elements and the curiosity about making food out of certain monsters is just entertaining. It isn’t one of my absolute favorites yet, but I am looking forward to reading more.

      And I will definitely look into 4 Cut Hero. My fiance and I do like trying new to us series, especially if someone else recommends it.


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