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Recommendations: Urban Fantasy

Hey all, Dani here.

You guys, I can’t believe the year is almost over. Where has the time gone? Also, I find myself thinking back on all of the book recommendations I have given this year. I started these posts back in September, and I thought I would just have around five or six and that would be it. As it turns out, I had more post ideas than that, and also you all really seem to enjoy these posts, which is awesome.

Anyway, today I am bringing you some Urban Fantasy recommendations. Now the difference in these books from fantasy or paranormal stories is that the setting is an important factor. Either it is described in a very real way or its location means something to the story or the city itself somewhat feels like another character. There’s a reason this particular sub-genre earned the name Urban Fantasy.

Let’s just jump into the list, shall we?


First up, I have Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge by Paul Krueger. This is set in Chicago, and features some pretty cool magical alcoholic beverages. (Oh, and there are drink recipes throughout the book too). Honestly I enjoyed this book so much that I would love to see some sort of sequel or a companion novel or something.


Okay, so this image doesn’t even have the whole series on it, but I can’t have an Urban Fantasy recommendations post and not talk about the Iron Druid Chronicles. This series follows 2000 year old Druid Atticus who lives in Arizona because who would think to look for a Druid there? He lives with his Irish Wolfhound named Oberon and I love Oberon so much, because yes, he talks. Anyway, this series is just a fun adventure and there is so much mythology and sort of religion and history all woven in.


Next up, I have to mention the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. Yes, I have technically only read the first one so far, but I absolutely loved it. Harry Dresden’s narrative voice is really cool, a little dry and sometimes sarcastic, but it makes the whole experience entertaining. Plus, come on, he’s the only Wizard listed in the Yellow Pages in Chicago, which is just a cool premise.


This next recommendation–the Elemental Assassin series–showcases how you can effectively have an Urban Fantasy read set in a fictional city. Jennifer Estep has created a city that has so much detail that you honestly might just think it is a real place. Now, I will say that I tried to binge-read several of these books in a row, and I do not recommend it. Narrator/protagonist Gin Blanco has a habit of repeating details and specific phrases over and over, so binge-reading only makes that more prevalent. I’d still recommend this series. It has action, elemental magic, and even some romance.


Another fictional city Urban Fantasy, the Prospero’s War series takes place in a city somewhere along the Lake Erie shores in Ohio, so I related to the setting quite a bit. But the magic system is really interesting, and okay, I’ve only read the first book in this series too, but I want to reread it and then continue on. There are four books out so far and I think the rest of the series will be just as outstanding.


Next I have to include Jane Yellowrock, the badass vampire hunting skinwalker. The Jane Yellowrock novels have a strong focus on New Orleans, and based on all the details in the books, it is clear that Faith Hunter knows what she’s talking about, and not just with the setting. This is one of those times where what you see on the cover is what you get, and yes, Jane does ride a motorcycle. As a motorcycle rider myself, I approve.


Finally, I was not trying to make this list even between male writers and female writers, but it somehow turned out that way. Three men, three women, and last but not least a husband and wife writing duo. I picked up the first Kate Daniels book a few years ago and very much enjoyed the concept. I like that there are times where Atlanta is more overrun with magic and normal devices don’t work so well and other times when magic is weaker and normal technology reigns. Those surges make for an interesting setting and I also loved all the different shifters.

Okay, well that does it for today. Next week marks my final recommendation post of 2017 and I’ll be recommending some of my favorite poetry reads.

Oh, also, because of being off work until the beginning of the year, I plan to have my posts most of the way scheduled so I’ll still have content up every day, but I might not be as active with reading and commenting on posts or responding to comments on mine. I will try to pop on here a few times just so I’m not completely swamped at the start of 2018.

Merry Christmas everyone, and Have a Happy New Year!

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