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Review: Love and Other Things: Poetry & Prose by Michael Tavon

Hey all, Dani here.

I’m excited to be reviewing this collection today because it is one of a few posts I’m currently working on because of being contacted by the author. Also, this is a self-published book and last September I tried to make Self Publish September an event so I could celebrate those of us writers who don’t go the traditional publishing route, so this works as a throwback to that as well.

So thank you Michael for reaching out to me and gifting me a Kindle copy of your book. That being said, I will add the disclaimer that receiving this book did not alter my rating or opinion in the slightest; all thoughts are my own.

I was glad to accept this request from Michael because I have stated lately that I want to read more poetry. Since graduating with my degree in English Literature, I have not read much when it comes to poetry and I am trying to work to fix that. Okay, let’s just go ahead and jump into this review.



Love & Other Things is the first poetry by Michael Tavon. The young author shares his sentiments towards: love, life, death, and heartbreak.

My Thoughts

Rating: 3.5 stars

This is a small collection of poetry, lyrics, and prose. All in all, the Kindle version is listed at 59 pages in length, so if you’re looking for a nice quick read, this might be up your alley. I will also say that the Kindle price for this book is currently $0.99 so now is the time to buy.

I’ll start by saying that even with some of the rudimentary rhymes, I still enjoyed the poems. Several I felt the need to read out loud just to listen to the rhythm of the words. There is definitely a nice beat poetry/song feel to the collection, which is cool.

Unfortunately I will also say that I noticed several spelling errors and it bothered me. Just about every time a word like ‘hell,’ ‘tell,’ ‘well,’ ‘all,’ ‘fall,’ etc would appear within the text it would be missing the second ‘l’. I’m not entirely sure if this is an issue on the author’s side of things or for Kindle. In the past I have read books where this sort of thing has happened before.

Now, I will say that the choice to utilize ‘u’ instead of ‘you’ for a vast majority of the book could have been a stylistic choice, but having said that, I will also say that sometimes that worked in the context of the poem but most of the time it felt off-putting and somewhat lazy.

A few times I also feel like a phrase would be missing a word, so perhaps another editing pass would have helped matters greatly.

Still, the point of poetry is to evoke some sort of reaction or emotion within the reader, and there were a few poems that certainly did that for me. “Come as You Are” was a poem I read a few times, just to make sure that the words truly sank into my mind. And with all of the lovely and somewhat hopeful poems about love, “HeartBroken Gentleman” was a stark contrast, which I found to be quite interesting. I will also say that the final poem in the section entitled love was a great way to wrap up poems on love. So definitely be sure to read “High off Love.”

After that the collection turns to other things, and this is where I feel the poems get more serious and have more of an impact. I definitely want to point out “Heaven on Earth,” as a poem to read a few times. Then there was the poem “If I Die 2nite,” and it was a poignant look at how some of us might think about or deal with death and everything that comes with it. Finally, I also have to mention “Anti-Motivation,” which might have been my favorite poem of them all, just because it resonated with me on a creator level. I definitely understand that problematic position of wanting to create and dreaming of living off of creative output, but then needing to work in some other field just to have the necessities of life.

So all in all I am glad I read this book, and again, thank you to Michael for sending me a copy. If you are looking to read more poetry, or want to read/support more self-published authors, then I will suggest checking out Love and Other Things: Poetry & Prose.

Where to Buy

You can pick up a copy of this book from Amazon, CreateSpace, Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound.

4 thoughts on “Review: Love and Other Things: Poetry & Prose by Michael Tavon”

  1. I really like the idea of self published September, but I have read a few self published works that needed a heavy edit and it kind of turned me off to the genre. Even many books coming out of Amazon publishing need stronger edits and I find it really ruins the flow of a book for me. I’m not sure how to balance those things yet. :/

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    1. Understandable. If a book still needs heavy edits then I give it a rating that reflects it, but if it is minor stuff, I can overlook it. I do the same with some traditionally published novels. A self-published series I will always recommend is the Colorworld series by Rachel E. Kelly. There are 5 books out so far out of a planned 7 book series. (I’m currently waiting on the author to finish book 6 and send it to me).

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