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May-July Reading Wrap-Up

Hey all, Dani here. It has certainly been a weird year for me on the reading and blogging fronts. I have not done nearly as much as I'm used to, and that only made me feel worse about everything, which in turn made me read and blog even less. Basically what I'm saying is that… Continue reading May-July Reading Wrap-Up

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April Reading Wrap-Up

Hey all, Dani here. Okay, well we have made it to the month of May, which means it's time to look back on what I read in April. Honestly it was a pretty slow start to the reading month for me...despite the fact that I bought a lot of books in April, and I had… Continue reading April Reading Wrap-Up

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December Wrap-Up and January TBR

Hey all, Dani here. Well, so long and good riddance to 2020. It was definitely a very odd year, and I am glad that it is over. I'm really hoping that 2021 is better, but overall last year wasn't completely horrible. I did have some pretty great things meeting some new geek friends and… Continue reading December Wrap-Up and January TBR

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August Wrap-Up and September TBR

Hey all, Dani here. Wow, somehow we have already reached September. This whole week I've been on a special assignment backup job at work, doing the company's daily newsletter, and it is seriously my favorite job that I've done in the seven years I've worked at this company. So it has been a nice and… Continue reading August Wrap-Up and September TBR