WIP Wednesday – May 17

Hey all, Sam and David here today.

It’s the middle of the week once again. We don’t have a whole lot to talk about, at least not compared to last week, but since we have cool plans for this weekend, next week will probably have more to talk about.

Each week we like to do this weekly check-in, talking about everything we’ve been reading, watching, playing, and doing since our last check-in. Doing this helps us keep track of everything we do, which can be useful when the days and weeks start to blur together.

Anyway, we have some stuff do to this evening, some pretty fun plans, and so we’re going to leave this intro fairly short.


In some ways it was a slow week. In other ways, I guess it wasn’t too bad. Let’s get started.

Reading: Halloween Romance by Donaya Haymond, Bite Me by Donaya Haymond, and Waking Echoes by Donaya Haymond.

Yes, these are all re-reads for me. I actually read these back in the days of fictionpress, long before they were picked up by a small-press publisher. In the early to late 2000’s, there were 12 stories in the series, and 5 of them ended up being published, with plans to rearrange and condense some of the later stories to wrap-up the series in book 6, but book 6 never made it to print.

Donaya and I have long been internet friends, and have never managed to meet up IRL. Currently she lives in Thailand, so it’s unlikely that we’ll get to meet anytime soon, but I still hope to someday meet my cool long-standing author friend.

Revisiting these stories has been a wonderful trip down memory lane…and I look forward to reading the rest of the series…because I have the unpublished edition of book 6 sitting in my Google Docs. Perks of being a longtime fan and friend, I guess. I don’t think I ever reviewed these on the blog, though, so I’ll probably do that soon-ish.

Watching: “The Marvelous Mrs Maisel” Season 5 (in progress), “Arrow” Season 7 and Season 8 (in progress), “The Flash” Season 5 and Season 6 (in progress), “Critical Role” Campaign 3, oh–and last week I watched “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” but forgot to mention it, plus “A League of Their Own,” “Easy A,” and “The Legend of Vox Machina” Season 1 (rewatch in progress).

Writing: I felt a desire to write an important backstory scene for my upcoming Pathfinder character (not the one mentioned in yesterday’s Tabletop Tuesday. This is someone different) but from outside her perspective, because I had the feeling that there were some things she simply wouldn’t admit to…and the writing process has also helped to flesh out her home village, which helps David out with the worldbuilding for our campaign, so that’s fun. I haven’t written much, just a few hundred words, but it’s pretty interesting so far, and I can’t wait to see what secrets she’s holding in so deep that she won’t even write them down in her own journal. Writing from a third person perspective gives me the freedom to see the full story, whereas a first person point of view will always hold a certain amount of bias.

Someday, this story will be released to the world. If we do things right then this Pathfinder campaign will be a podcast, and we’ll hopefully set up a Patreon, and little interviews and bonus content will be a perk for subscribers, and this story will be one of those bonus releases…after some things have been revealed in-game, of course. Don’t want to spoil the listeners or anything.

I need to work more on Roll for Romance‘s in-game story, and do more editing for the Project Death books. I need someone to hold me accountable for that, goodness. Somebody please yell at me on Twitter/Instagram @SamRushingBooks to remind me to keep to my personal deadlines.

Other: Still doing quite a bit of 3D printing. We’re going to help a friend out at a local summer market, held one Thursday a month here in town, and he’s graciously allowing David to set up some of his 3D creatures for sale as well. It should be a pretty fun time. The first one is June 8th, so we’re trying to prepare for that.

Oh, and I started trying to play “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” on my Switch. I say trying because I’m not very good at it overall. I’ve actually only completed the first four shrines and finally been allowed to leave the starting area of the Great Plateau. I guess I’ve only died like 5 or 6 times though, so I guess I might not be as bad as I think. I don’t play games quickly. I might play for an hour or two and then set the game aside and not pick it up again for weeks, so I have no idea how things are going to go.

Oh, oh, and this weekend David and I are going to a local Renaissance Faire…the Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow. They have a one weekend Spring Fling event, and then have another two weekends in the fall. So, it’s nothing like we’re used to with the Ohio Renaissance Festival, which runs for eight weeks straight, but since we didn’t manage to go to any Ren Faire last year, this will be really fun. And we scored a camping spot for the night, so we actually get to pitch our tent at the faire grounds…and they have a Renaissance After Dark event on Saturday, which is obviously for adults only and doesn’t allow photos/videos because the shows and stuff apparently can be a bit risque. I don’t know what to expect, but it should be a memorable experience at the very least.


Okay so a lot of little things have kept me from doing a whole bunch of stuff, but I have managed to make some progress in areas of geekdom. Work has me doing all my 4 10 hour days in a row so my first day off is to recuperate, the second to try fixing printers and maybe game a bit, and the third to just game since I probably was not able to figure out the printers again.

Gaming: So my entire gaming time has been absorbed by The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This may or may not be a bit spoilery, but the first thing I wanna say about that is Ganon is a hot boy lol. For reals though I am enjoying the new game and I have not really gotten caught in any glitches yet and am just trying to get used to the buttons again.

I am enjoying the abilities setup in this one as well, like a lot of other gamers I love sticking things to other things and just building stuff as well. Having a map that goes both above and below the surface is pretty cool as well. Sam enjoys a good laugh when I have cursed loudly because I fell off of something, usually to my death.

Printing: The printing has slowed to a crawl as I am having a different difficulty with each printer that is not running and I am unable to pinpoint the exact cause. I have heat creep with Alphonse, Melinda does not want to heat up and stay heated up once the print begins, Haweye and Printicus are having issues with adhesion.

Percy has been the only one behaving since I slowed down the print and lowered the temperature. That is the only one going right now so printing all this cool stuff is been slowed to a crawl exponentially.

I have been taking time to game and play Pathfinder 2e in order to stave off the frustration of dealing with these printers. I wish I knew someone locally who has more experience with them that could help me out because sometimes its hard to understand what some of the folks online are saying to try.

Well, that is all from us for today. Thank you so much for stopping by. Feel free to let us know what you’ve been up to recently in the comments, and we’ll be back soon with more geeky content.


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