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David’s Game Reviews: DragonQuest Builders.

Okay so this is the second game I have taken up in my pursuit of gaming reviews. Now an RPG is definitely more of a type that I would choose over most games. This one however also plays a bit like Minecraft, which I love to goof around in from time to time just to build stuff. I have not played many of the DragonQuest series, the only one I vaguely remember being one for the Wii that I got to go around swinging a sword around for. So here we go with Number 2 of my game reviews!

DragonQuest Builders

Summary: So you are risen back to life to save the world in a dire time. The people of the world have lost the ability to create, and its your job as the legendary “Builder” to show them the way and defeat the Dragonlord who stole the ability from the people. To do so you must build rooms and means of crafting more powerful items in each of the lands. Building is easy, gathering the items and defeating the monsters that try and stop your little towns from growing are the hard part if you are not prepared.

You restart on equipment and building once you save a town in each chapter. Meaning you have to fight new monsters and gather new materials to make items again to fight and build your way to the Dragonlord. A lot of the NPCs in the game share appearances with characters from other DragonQuest games, but the artwork is kind of iconic in its own right.

Review 4.0

Okay so this game was not as exciting as I was hoping it was going to be, but at least it was very straight forward. You fight monsters and break down plants and rocks to collect materials and then use that to build your arms and armor. You do not get stronger from fighting monsters, but by building the stronger arms and armor. It is an interest way to go about it and at least some of the items raise your health.

The monsters are of course all classic DragonQuest beasties which is fantastic. and defeating them for the most part is not really a problem as long as you do not get swarmed by them in mass, which can happen from time to time. I usually did not have any problems gathering materials which is great.

Overall I would want to finish this game long term and I made it part way through the second chapter. I will also probably end up looking into other DragonQuest games as well down the road. If any of you have any goof recommendations for RPGs let me know in the comments below and I will also end up leaving a review of what I thought of it.


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