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Manga Review: The Seven Deadly Sins, Volume 4 by Nakaba Suzuki

Hey all, Sam here.

Happy Monday, everyone! Yesterday was an eventful and emotional day. Not only did I share one of my most personal book reviews in the history of this blog, but I also went to a board game night with friends and got to witness a beautiful moment as a friend went from girlfriend to fiancee. And today starts a whole new week with a few changes and a lot of staying the same. David has finished his training for his new job and has transitioned from first shift to second shift, so now we have to figure out what our day to day schedule together looks like.

And I just got some exciting book mail, including a couple of books that I am very much looking forward to reading, and will be jumping into very soon. Speaking of, I’d like to get back to reading and such, so let’s go ahead and dive into today’s Manga Monday post.

Reunions and Farewells

The Grizzly Sin, King, is alive! Unfortunately, King not only refuses to help Meliodas, he declares Ban as his mortal enemy for having attained eternal life at the cost of the life of his sister Elaine. During a gripping confrontation between King and Ban, the fearsomely skilled Holy Knight Gila comes bearing startling disaster and devastation!

My Thoughts

Rating: 5 stars

With today’s review, I’m completely caught up with myself for volumes read for this series, and sadly my library does not have this series in the collection, and the Ohio Digital Library (because my card is still valid there) has more of the series, but Volume 5 is currently checked out and I have to wait a couple weeks to get it on my Libby app.

That doesn’t mean that I can’t continue watching the show, which of course can make it difficult to completely keep the plot details straight, like knowing if something I’ve seen in the anime is also something that I’ve read in the manga, and which volume it belonged in.

So some of what I said in the review for Volume 3 might actually be applicable here in Volume 4.

I do know that this one has a little bit of a focus on King, and we get to see how awesome he is for basically the first time…I think. Anyway, King is no slouch, even if his combat specialization is magical, not physical.

I enjoyed watching him fight, especially for his former comrades. I feel like it is a stretch to say friends at this point. King has some resentment and feelings tied to events from the past, and to me, it seems like they’ll need to rebuild that trust and friendship. Hopefully we’ll see that happen, because it definitely seems like we’re starting to pull the Sins together for the larger issues currently affecting Britannia, as well as figuring out certain mysteries from the past.

I look forward to finding out how this story plays out.

Well, that is all from me for today. Thank you so much for stopping by. If you haven’t yet, please check out yesterday’s book review. And we’ll be back soon with more geeky content.


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