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NetGalley Review: The Morning Flower by Amanda Hocking

Hey all, Sam here.

I’m still working on trying to get more caught up on my reviews and book hauls and such, but there are a lot of posts on my to-do list. The husband and I just got back from a few days at a cabin in Hocking Hills, and while the cabin was supposed to have internet…it did not. We had planned to binge some movies and TV shows using our Netflix and Disney+ and Amazon Prime subscriptions, but instead the cabin was pretty quiet. Thankfully I did pack a whole bunch of books (13, but then I bought 6 more), so I had plenty I could do to keep myself occupied.

I finished 4 books and started another, and now that we’re back home, I actually plan to do some more reading and writing and blogging…especially since I just dropped the husband off at the airport. Colorworld Books flew him down to Jacksonville to work a convention for the weekend. Oh, I’m probably also going to do a little more cleaning and packing around the house while he’s gone too. It’s hard to believe that we’re moving in less than two weeks.

Anyway, I should probably focus on what we’re actually here for today…another long overdue book review, so let’s just go ahead and dive in.

The Morning Flower by Amanda Hocking

New York Times bestselling author Amanda Hocking returns to the magical world of the Trylle with The Morning Flower, the second book in the Omte Origins arc.

Welcome back to the kingdom of the Omte—a forest realm where secrets and danger, human nature and ancient mythology collide.

Where truth is stranger than fiction.

Searching for answers to her own shrouded origins, Ulla Tulin’s journey of exploration takes a sudden turn when Eliana is kidnapped. Turning toward the Omte capital instead of the institute where she hoped to learn the truth about her identity, Ulla must put Eliana’s welfare before her own—a sacrifice that will present all new dangers to them both.

When history is still unwritten.

Ulla never expected that once she arrived she’d discover the identity of a Skojare man who crossed paths with her mother—a man who could very well be her father. Given the man’s connections to the Älvolk, a secret society tasked with protecting the location of the First City, Ulla is soon dispatched to Sweden to find him.

One woman will dare to go wherever fate will take her…

Now Ulla, along with her maybe boyfriend Pan, finds herself on a desperate race against time to locate her kin—who could very well pose a danger to her kingdom. Nobody and nothing is as it seems as she penetrates the dark heart of the Älvolk…all the way to the secret Lost Bridge to the First City, where an unknown future awaits for Ulla and her kind.

My Thoughts:

Rating: 4 stars

All right, as second books in a trilogy go, this one was pretty decent. It did a good job of expanding even more on the worlds of the Omte and the Skojare, which was really nice. I also feel like we see things getting more complicated for Ulla as she tries to piece certain details of her past together. Her search for answers does actually wrap up some dangling threads from the first book, while opening up more mysteries to be solved in the third and concluding novel.

What I continue to say for Amanda Hocking’s books is that they are quick reads, easy to fall into, and pretty entertaining. And I’ll always marvel at how quickly she can write the stories. Plus, there’s the fact that she writes the whole trilogy or quartet before publishing them, so they come out with a very short span of time between them. These books are excellent for binge reading.

But, after having read so many series by Amanda Hocking, I do feel that so many of them feel so similar. They follow almost the same story beats of action or information revelation. There’s a comfort in stories being the same. It makes the books easy to pick up when dealing with a reading slump. But, there’s also something to be said for books that start off feeling similar and then have a moment or two that catches you completely off guard and surprises you.

I wish I could say that happens with the Omte Origins trilogy, but in the two books of the trilogy I’ve read and reviewed so far, it has been a good and enjoyable read, but predictable.

It is cool to see Ulla learn a bit more about who she is and where she comes from and such. And I do like that with each series set in the Trylle world we’re learning more about the different troll groups. There are definitely similarities between them all, but there’s also enough differences to give a little bit of uniqueness, which is nice.

With the reviews for this trilogy coming to a close, it makes me wonder what is next for Amanda Hocking. Hopefully more books, and maybe even books that aren’t set in the Trylle world.

– – – –

You can pick up your own copy of this book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million, Book Depository, or your local indie bookstore.

That is all from me for today, but I will be back soon with more geeky content.


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