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NetGalley Review: Down With This Ship by Katie Kingman

Hey all, Dani here.

And I’m back with another fandom book review. I’ve been reading quite a few books in the past couple years that have had a focus on the geek life and conventions and fandom.

If it hasn’t been made absolutely clear by now…I am a HUGE geek. I love going to conventions, whether as a fan or as a vendor. I love playing board games, video games, Magic: the Gathering, and Dungeons & Dragons. I love reading and writing. And I love making friends who share some interest in these hobbies.

So obviously I enjoy picking up books that cover these topics as well. I mean, I read a lot most of the time anyway, so it’s not super difficult to sell me on a book, but mention writing or conventions or fandom and I HAVE TO read it.

Anyway, let’s jump into today’s review.

Down With This Ship by Katie Kingman

Kole Miller is the best writer at the prestigious Crystal Lake High. But no one knows it—not her creative writing classmates, or even her academic arch nemesis Colin (aka Mr. Valedictorian). That’s because Kole’s best work is a secret fanfic based on The Space Game, her favorite show.

When Kole’s fanfic wins a major contest, her readership skyrockets. Suddenly, Kole finds herself stuck in the heated ship wars, as her new readers pair characters from the show together as romantic couples. Worse yet, Kole’s classmates discover that she’s the fanfic’s author. Now it isn’t just The Space Game everyone is arguing about: they start shipping Kole with her classmates.

With her romantic life in shambles and her anxiety through the roof, Kole must face both her inner demons and the ones at her school. She has one chance to reclaim her fanfic—and the guy that Kole now realizes she’s shipped herself with since episode one of the school year.

My Thoughts:

Rating: 3.5 stars

I wanted to love this book. I really did. Unfortunately it fell really short of greatness for me. So, it was a book about fandom and about fanfiction writing…but it legitimately read like bad fanfiction throughout.

I didn’t believe that Kole was a great fanfic writer. I didn’t understand why so many guys were seemingly interested in here… except for the fact that it fit the YA trope of protagonist who thinks she’s plain because she doesn’t realize she’s pretty or whatever.

Most of the characters were stereotypes or fit trope roles as well, with no extra expansion or depth to their characterization. It was unfortunate.

I also found Kole to be a rather unlikeable protagonist. She was mostly a loner, with just one friend, and she describes her separation with the rest of her friend group as a disagreement about ships within the fandom of their favorite show.

Plus the relationships were weird and problematic and some of them felt forced just to add drama or flair to the story.

Oh, and the inclusion of “chapters” of Kole’s popular fanfic didn’t really add much either, unless they were there to emphasize Kole’s immaturity and poor writing and her judgmental perception of the other ships within the fandom.

At least I can say that I read the entire book, so it was at least entertaining enough to continue reading instead of DNFing.

– – –

Don’t worry, I have some other fandom centered book reviews coming soon enough. That is all from me for today. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be back soon with more geeky content.

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