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April Book Haul and OwlCrate Unboxing

Hey all, Dani here.

Well, okay, I guess we’ve already arrived at another post where I get to talk about my book buying problem…and it’s only a problem because I can’t keep up with all of these books. I keep buying them because they sound amazing and I want to read them…and then some of them will wait months or years before I get around to them…and it’s even worse right now considering how bad of a reading slump I’ve had this year.

You know, I say reading slump, and for me it has been a reading slump…but 22 books read so far this year is still a pretty good number overall. I’m just used to being at like 60+ at this point of the year.

Anyway, let’s show off some books.

I had two bookstore outings and two online orders I made in the month of April, and as you can see, I picked up a good number of books in each purchase.

Damian and I started our month celebrating our dating anniversary. Our first date was back in 2017 and we try to do something nice every year to celebrate. This year we got a hotel room for a couple nights so we could order some food for takeout that we haven’t been able to eat since early last year. But I did make sure that we did a masked and sanitized (and as socially distanced as possible) trip to one of my favorite Indie bookstores…The Book Loft of German Village. It is 32 rooms of books and the rooms are pretty crammed with books and the aisles are pretty narrow. They had to limit how many people could go in at a time, but still, even with having to wait our turn to enter the store, it was still an amazing trip and I picked up some books I was really wanting…like the rest of the Murderbot stories, and I’m hoping to binge them soon, though I might need to re-read the first novella as well.

Then on our way home from our little anniversary trip, we also stopped at Barnes & Noble and I picked up even more books, because that’s what I do very well…buy lots and lots of books.

April had a lot of releases I was looking forward to, and I think I ended up buying most of them, and picking up a few random fantasies that just sounded good. And I already know that May has even more books that I’m looking forward to, so I’m going to need to figure something out because I am running out of space on my bookshelves.

Okay, now I guess it’s time to talk about the OwlCrate Unboxing.

The April theme was Ruthless Rivals, and I already knew the book was going to be Witches Steeped in Gold by Ciannon Smart, so I was really excited about getting the box, but I also found myself wondering what the OwlCrate edition cover would look like and if I would like it as much/more than the original cover…which is why you’ll notice that the original edition is in my book haul portion of this post.

Thankfully I can say that I actually do like the black and gold cover, though it does make me miss the green elements. It’s all good though.

I actually enjoy the fact that they put a book-themed game in the box. However, I already know that nobody in my life is going to want to play it with me. It does seem like a pretty cool game, and fairly easy to set up and play as well. Honestly I think my favorite item is probably the chopsticks. Getting two sets of chopsticks is wonderful, and there’s a nice case for them as well. Damian and I regularly get hibachi or ramen or sushi, so having these chopsticks for when we eat at home will be quite handy. Oh, and Damian has already put the “Hamilton” inspired phone gadget on his phone, so he seems happy with that.

The May theme is Expect the Unexpected…and I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure what the book will be. I don’t mind spoilers though, so if you know what the book is, let me know in the comments. 🙂

All right, that is all from me for today. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be back soon with more geeky content.

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