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Weekly Wrap-Up (62)

Hey all, Dani here.

Ugh, I am ready for the weekend…where I plan to be a bum and lounge around doing very little. I mean, aside from the usual reading, blogging, watching TV, and maybe a little video gaming. My body is one giant sore muscle, or at least it feels that way. Yuck.

In other news, provided that things clear up by this fall for attending conventions, actress Paige O’Hara (AKA Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”) has signed on for Cincinnati Comic Expo. I am ecstatic about this news, you guys. Belle is my favorite Disney princess, so to be able to meet the woman who gave Belle her voice is honestly a dream. So fingers crossed that this convention will still happen.

I mean, also feel free to cross your fingers that things clear up by this fall anyway…because Damian and I are supposed to get married on 10.10.2020 so…

Anyway, as per usual, I have been playing Animal Crossing for a little bit each day. Not much really to report on that front. I enjoy playing it, but I sometimes feel like I lose track of time and end up spending way more time playing than I would want to.

As for watches, well Damian and I finished season five of “Grimm” and we are currently in the middle of season six, the final season. I don’t think either of us is ready for the show to be over yet, but we also don’t want to stop watching, so that’s a good time.

Okay, I guess it’s time to jump into what I’ve read over the past week.

Whew. Yep, I read a lot of books. Yay. Fun fact, with my reads for Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon, I have reached 100 books read already for the year. Most of my reading during the readathon was in volumes of manga, but that’s okay, because I had an absolutely outstanding time reading all of those. It’s been really nice to experience the story of “Fairy Tail” again in this way. But then I also read two other books during the readathon: The Last Smile in Sunder City, which took far longer to get through than I wanted it to, and The Honey Don’t List, which was basically the perfect follow-up to the slow read prior to it because this was a pretty fast-paced experience.

My work book for the past few days was the historical fantasy read, An Affair of Poisons, which was heavy on the historical and light on the fantasy, but was also a rather captivating read. I’m going to have to pick up Addie Thorley’s latest release, which is apparently a historical fantasy take on The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

As for current reads, I’m still working on the two digital books, though my hardcover copy of Shorefall will be arriving in the mail by Friday. I’m just not really feeling the desire to read digital books at the moment, so I’m sort of struggling to work through my advanced reads from NetGalley. That’s also why I haven’t made much progress with the e-book I borrowed from my library. And I’ve only technically read the first page of Middlegame, so it’s too soon to really give any sort of opinion on the story, aside from saying that the concept intrigues me.

When it comes to what I’m reading next…well, I have a feeling that the books I’m reading at the moment will keep me busy through the end of the month, so I’ll just make you wait until my April Wrap-Up and May TBR post to see what I’m hoping to read next. My plans are a little ridiculous, but that’s okay. I’m feeling up to a little challenge. Plus, my ideas for what I’ll pick up next might change when I get my packages from Barnes & Noble and The Book Loft of German Village. I’m really excited about my mystery box from Book Loft; I think it’s going to be filled with some great reads, and I already know that my B&N package is chock full of some big fantasy reads, so that will be really fun to dive into.

All right, that is all from me for today. I am going to probably go rest in bed and read or game until I fall asleep. I’ll be back soon with more bookish content.

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