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Weekly Wrap-Up (61)

Hey all, Dani here.

It is Wednesday once again, and I am so ready for the weekend already. I was sent to a new job rotation on Monday and I am working muscles that I haven’t really worked in a long while, so I am sore and tired. Thankfully I just need to make it through Thursday and then I’m off for the weekend again. I am so ready for it, because I plan to do so much reading. I already told Damian that I was doing a readathon on Saturday, so I’m sure he’s going to be busy doing miniature painting or playing video games or something while I just lay around and read. It should be a pretty great day/weekend. I’m excited.

All right, well as per usual the past couple weeks, I’m still playing Animal Crossing every day. I’m trying to find a good balance though, because some days I do end up playing for a couple hours and it’s digging into my reading and blogging time, so I need to figure out what days I need to set aside for that and just do a 15 minute-or-so island check-in, and what days I can actually run around for an hour or two collecting resources and island-hopping and all that.

When it comes to watches, we finished season 4 of “Grimm” and started season 5. We also decided to watch the Grand Magic Games story arc of “Fairy Tail” again, because I was in the mood for revisiting a couple of my all-time favorite episodes that take place within that arc.

Oh, and I didn’t mention it during last week’s post, but the Calendar Girls Springtime Whirl is still going on. I have marked off seven spaces on my bingo board so far, and I’m having a great time doing it. There’s still plenty of time to join in on the reading challenge, so check out all the details on this post.

I actually haven’t finished a lot in the last week. And okay, I know that you’re all sitting there seeing that I’ve read five books and how that really is a good amount, but I look at the fact that four of the five completed reads are 208 pages or less. So page-count-wise, it feels like I haven’t accomplished much. But you know what, some weeks are like that. And I did really enjoy what I read, so that’s what is most important. I may have added a couple of these to my favorite reads list, which is pretty cool.

There are a few books I’m currently reading: one for a NetGalley review, one for National Library Week review, one that I borrowed from my library using the Libby app, and one for the OWLs Magical Readathon. You know, I feel bad that I’m just now getting around to The Invisible Library, because I keep buying every new release in the series–the sixth book came out in January and the seventh will be out in December 2020. It would be nice to catch up on the series by then, because it sounds amazing.

What I’m reading very soon is more books for National Library Week reviews, so I’m hoping that these won’t take me too long, because I have them tentatively scheduled for Friday and Saturday…plus you know, whatever I end up picking up for Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon this weekend. I’m hoping that I’ll have my posts and such for the weekend written up and scheduled so I don’t have to worry about them while I’m trying to read for as much of the 24 hour period of Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon as I can. I think the most I’ve done in past years is 14-16 hours, which is still really impressive, but it would be really cool if I could manage the whole 24 hour period.

What are you currently reading? Let’s talk books in the comments, and I’ll be back soon with more bookish content.

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