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Lover Book Tag

Hey all, Dani here.

Whoops…I guess I should have mentioned earlier that I would have a bonus post up today. Surprise extra content! I have a few book tags that I have been tagged in over the past couple of weeks and I’m trying to get them written and scheduled so I don’t forget about them for the next six months and then go, oh no! guess I can’t do that now. So welcome to one of a few upcoming tag posts from me.

I was tagged for this particular post by Jenna over at Bookmark Your Thoughts, so thanks for that Jenna. If you guys haven’t checked out Jenna’s blog, then I definitely recommend it. She has some beautifully laid out posts and a fun variety of reviews and tags and more.

Fun fact, I haven’t listened to this Taylor Swift Album. Actually the last full-album I listened to by her was Speak Now, which I thought was a great album. I’ve listened to a few songs on her albums since then, but haven’t felt compelled to buy them. So it’s going to be fun to try and answer these tag prompts when I don’t understand the song references.

The Creator & the Rules

The creator of this tag is Sara @ The Bibliophagist! As for the rules:

↠ Link back to the creator, Sara @ The Bibliophagist!
↠ Answer the questions.
↠ Tag whoever you want and link back to the person who tagged you!

I Forgot That You Existed

A book from your childhood that you don’t remember anything about

Umm….this is such a hard one, because I remember at least vague overarching details about most everything I’ve read. I guess I’ll go with the Boxcar Children series, because I remember it less than I do some of my other childhood reads.


Cruel Summer

The worst book you’ve read this summer

Oh boy, I guess I should look at the books I read last summer, because we still have a few months until summer this year. Okay, well, I guess this book will work. It wasn’t a bad book (I gave it 3 stars), but it definitely wasn’t my favorite book. I think maybe if I read it again when I was feeling more in the mood then maybe I would like it better, but I don’t know.

The 71/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle



A bookish relationship that’s perfect exactly the way it is

Okay, I loved the friendship and family relationships in this one, as well as the romantic relationships. Honestly this reminds me that I want to read this book again, especially in anticipation for the sequel which will be out this fall. Renaissance Festival romance is one of my favorite plot/settings right now. Seriously.

Well Met

The Man

A book with a badass female main character

O-kay, well I read a lot of books with badass female main characters, so this is actually fairly difficult for me. I started looking through my WordPress media and realized that I wanted to pick someone who was badass from start to finish in the story, because I started thinking about how a lot of the great female main characters start off as normal-ish characters and then grow into their badassdom. Sal is just badass all the way through the book. I am definitely excited about the sequel coming out this summer.

Seven Blades in Black

The Archer

A book with great character development

I didn’t think this through or try to plan any of this ahead of time. These prompts are so amazing and so difficult. Okay, technically this one is stretching the prompt a bit, because it’s not so much one single book with great character development, but rather the whole trilogy, which this is the final book of. Wow, seriously looking back at the journeys of each character through the three books…the paths they took were incredible. I love this series so much.

Night of the Dragon

I Think He Knows

Your fictional crush

So here’s the thing…I don’t really crush on characters so much anymore, because I have my fiance and he’s the only one for me. But…for the purposes of this book tag, I’ll just go ahead and pick a book where I think the characters are crush-worthy and that will have to be good enough, okay?


Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince

A book set in high school

Hmm…can I pick one that actually takes place mostly at the school, because most that I can think of focus on the interactions and activities outside of school? See, if the prompt didn’t specifically say high school then I know exactly what book I would pick: Homerooms and Hall Passes by Tom O’Donnell; it takes place almost entirely at a middle school. Oh hey, look, it takes place at U.A. High School…yay, superhero high school. That totally works.

My Hero Academia Vol1

Paper Rings

A book with a happy ending

Isn’t this spoiler territory? Okay fine, I know I can think of at least one book that I can have for this prompt. I might as well use this space to talk up some upcoming releases that I am reading and loving now, and this is certainly one of them. Friendship squad goals, a cute friends-to-kissing relationship, and wenches training to be knights at a medieval show/themed restaurant.

The Life and Medieval Times of Kit Sweetly

Cornelia Street

A setting you’ll never forget

There are an awful lot of books that would fit into this category. Let’s be honest though, I’m always going to be thinking about the worlds of Fairy Tail and Black Clover, because those worlds are where these amazing ally/friend groups are, where your guildmates never give up and support each other through thick and thin. That is what makes the setting so unforgettable for me, because the characters make you remember where they’re from.

Fairy Tail Vol1

Death By A Thousand Cuts

A book that broke your heart

Now this definitely could be spoiler territory. Actually if I hadn’t already picked it earlier, I’d put Night of the Dragon here. All right, I’ve found the book that totally ripped my heart out, and that’s all I’m going to say about it, because I don’t want to risk spoilers, but I love the Colorworld series and I highly highly recommend it. You can start with Colorworld, which is the first book, OR you can actually start with the fifth book, Dreamworld. Either way everything still makes sense and comes together beautifully.



London Boy

A setting that plays a big role in the story

All right, I think I can safely choose this book for this prompt. The characters do a lot of traveling around the world, and the different cultural and magical aspects of each locale is pretty important to the development of characters and in the growth of the plot in general, so yeah, setting is a pretty important part.

All The Stars and Teeth

Soon You’ll Get Better

A book that made you cry

A lot of them! Haven’t I already mentioned a couple? Okay, so I had three books make me cry between Sunday and Monday this week. I already mentioned two of them (Night of the Dragon and The Life and (Medieval) Times of Kit Sweetly), so I might as well put the third one in here. Fun fact: they each made me cry for different reasons.

Undercover Bromance

False God

A book with a well-written sexy scene

Wow…yeah, I totally didn’t read these prompts ahead of time, did I? Umm…sure…I think I know what book, or technically book series, I can pick with this one. Yep, gonna go with the Black Dagger Brotherhood series here. I tried to binge-read them and I had to stop after reading a few in a row because whew. *fans face* I actually probably need to keep going with this series sometime soonish.

Lover Revealed

You Need to Calm Down

A book featuring an LGBT romance

I’m not entirely certain just yet on this one, but I can definitely make the assumption because the female protagonist inherits her brother’s warrior bride…so I’m hopeful that this means there will be an LGBT romance in this one. If not…try The Life and (Medieval) Times of Kit Sweetly or Bonds of Brass, both books that I’ve also talked about in this tag.

The Winter Duke


A great second chance romance

Well, as soon as I read the prompt for this one I knew what book to pick. Okay, cool, the whole premise of both of these books is a couple trying again.


Your all-time favorite book

Rude. I already talked about the Colorworld series in this post. Hmm…sorry, you’re going to get more than one book for this one.

It’s Nice To Have A Friend

Your favorite friends-to-lovers book

So many of these prompts make me want to pick books that I’ve already picked, but I’m trying to spread the love around. This is getting so much harder now that I’ve neared the end of the post. Does this one count? I think it does. Yeah, I’m going to go with this one. Though I can definitely say that The Life and (Medieval) Times of Kit Sweetly is friends-to-lovers, as is Bonds of Brass.

Would Like to Meet


A book with a positive message

Yes, this one. Embrace your own weirdness and creativity, and face your fears and doubts, and …and…I love this book. I own two copies, one signed copy that I’ll never write in and then the other copy so I can actually do the exercises and stuff. Damian is the same way with two copies of this book as well.

Embrace Your Weird

Okay, well now it’s time to time to tag people.

15 thoughts on “Lover Book Tag”

  1. I definitely DNF’d Evelyn Hardcastle… but I was doing audio and it was difficult to keep everything straight. I want to read Ward’s series! But I keep putting it off for literally no reason (okay, the reason is I don’t gravitate toward fantasy)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I could have liked Evelyn Hardcastle more if it set it up a little better in the beginning. I get that we’re just dropping in on things with no idea what is going on, much like our narrator/protagonist, but it just made it really hard to come to terms with what was going on. I’ve heard a lot of people raving about it, but it just wasn’t the book for me. If they turned it into a movie or a mini-series, then maybe I would like that format better?

      Don’t think of the Black Dagger Brotherhood as fantasy, because it’s technically paranormal as it deals with vampires in a modern urban setting. My fiance is actually the one who encouraged me to pick up the series, after his stepmom got him to read them.


  2. Thanks for tagging me! I have been looking for a tag, plus I’m a big T-Swift fan. 🙂 Sorry you didn’t like Evelyn Hardcastle too much. It seems like it was a pretty divisive book. I was in the camp of people who liked it, but then I am a sucker for weird premises.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I’m glad I could help give you a tag to do. And I might give Evelyn Hardcastle another try at a later time. I’ve done that with a few books and enjoyed them more when I’m in the right head space.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for the shout out, love!!! “Well Met” looks really cute … might need to read it! I want to read “All the Stars and Teeth” but I don’t want to start another incomplete series ha-ha! I think I need to add “Would Like to Meet” to my TBR. Great post darlin’!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh! The Boxcar Children ❤ This is the very first chapter book I ever read. When I was six, I distinctly remember sitting on the footlocker in my room and reading that first Boxcar Children book from cover to cover over the course of three or four hours.
    I only read it that one time but I actually remember a lot about it. They made beds from pine needles and had to forage for food. They all worked together to make a little home for themselves. I remember loving that book so much. The rest of the books in the series were pretty disappointing because they were mysteries that had nothing to do with the first book. I loved surviving in the wilderness books as a kid, but hated mysteries.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I only read a handful of the Boxcar Children books as a kid, probably for similar reasons as you. It’s probably why I liked books like Hatchet, Julie of the Wolves, and My Side of the Mountain.


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