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Weekly Wrap-Up (54)

Hey all, Dani here.

Wow…how is it already Wednesday again? I feel like this past week has pretty much flown by, but I can also say that it has been pretty darn productive too. So, let’s just go ahead and jump into my weekly wrap-up of everything I’ve done and watched and read, because this is an easy chance for me to just geek out about a lot of stuff.

First up, I have not been playing any video games, because I’ve been very much in a reading and watching mood, but that’s totally fine.

When it comes to writing, I have done a lot of character background exploration, and have so many extra pages of notes for my novel now, so I’m excited to really start writing. I’m hoping that the words will start gushing out of me because I’ve been thinking about this story for a few years now, but we’ll see what happens.

Next it’s time to talk about watches, and I’ve accomplished quite a bit in the past week. I have finished “My Hero Academia” season 1, “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising,” “Outlander” season 2, and “The Tudors” season 1, and I have started watching “My Hero Academia” season 2 and “The Tudors” season 2. And now I just need to take a moment to gush about the “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising” movie, because it was OUTSTANDING. I was already expecting it to be great because I’ve been following several of the Dubbed Voice Actors on social media. And amazingly, though the movie came out on Wednesday and Damian and I didn’t see it until Sunday, we didn’t hear a single spoiler. So thanks to all you geeks out there who kept some of those big moments under wraps–like THAT MOMENT (you know what one I’m talking about if you’ve seen the movie). Apparently this movie is basically how the series was originally going to end, but because of the popularity of the manga and anime, there is no true ending in sight, which I think is pretty great. Honestly I could probably write an entire review post about the movie, and I might in a few months after it’s out on DVD, but for right now I’m just going to say that a high bar for cinematic excellence has been set for the rest of the movies we watch this year.

Okay, let’s talk about books now.

Obviously, you can tell that I’m in a little bit of a My Hero Academia mood. I’m completely caught up on the manga, but I hadn’t yet tried this spin-off day-to-day light novel series that has been coming out, and I finally gave them a try. I can read the 224 page light novels in about an hour, and I really think they do expand the characters and the story, as well as just giving a better glimpse into the characters’ lives in between these big story arcs. I also finished a couple volumes of manga, and finished my first read for Middle Grade March. So, all in all, I feel pretty good about finishing everything I have in the past week.

So um, I’m in a weird entertainment mood for me right now. Currently I’m reading two historical books and I’m in the middle of watching a historical TV show. I’m actually already a couple hundred pages into Voyager, which is pretty great. I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself, but I’m also aiming for at least 40 pages of reading each day (though a few days I’ve done 50-100 pages), so I’m hoping to actually not have a DNF period like I did for the previous book–according to Goodreads I picked up Dragonfly in Amber in 2017 and I just finished it last month–I kept setting it aside for months and months for no real good reason. And then I finally felt like maybe I was in the right mood to tackle My Lady Jane again; I simply couldn’t finish it last time and gave up halfway through.

Of course I am also continuing to breeze my way through this My Hero Academia spin-off, though this fourth volume just came out yesterday, so after this I’m going to have to wait until…I think this fall for the next release. I’m also trying to continue with my Middle Grade March reads, so I’ve selected this D&D in reverse story. It’s about these adventurers in a fantasy world who get together once a week to play a game called Homerooms & Hall Passes, which is a fictional world to them…until they find themselves transported there, and now must navigate our modern world as middle schoolers. It’s such a fascinating premise, Damian loved it, and I just found out that there is a sequel coming out in October, so I’m excited to see if I will love it too.

I’m waiting on my copy of the new Sarah J Maas book to arrive in the mail, so I will probably end up starting it once it gets to me, but I also want to try and read through a few more Middle Grade March picks, especially since Damian and I are working at a convention with Colorworld Books at the end of the month, and I’ll have four days where I’ll likely be too busy to sit down and write posts, so I’ll have to get them done ahead of time. To get my Middle Grade March reviews written, I need to read more of the books. But I’m really excited about all of the books in my TBR, so I don’t anticipate them being a struggle to get through.

Oh, and I want to jump into the next book in The Witcher series as well, because it definitely qualifies for Monstrous March. I’ll probably end up watching (er, re-watching) a few more episodes of the show as well.

All right, well that’s all from me for today. Let me know what you’re reading in the comments because I would love to know, and I’ll be back soon with more bookish content.

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