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Manga Review: Goblin Slayer Volume 2

Hey Damian here with another set of reviews for you. Getting ready for GenCon is proving to be a bit more time consuming than I originally thought but I didn’t forget about anyone here. So here’s another review, I hope to get a few more going this month.


A high elf, a dwarf, and a lizardman walk into a bar…with a mission for Goblin Slayer! The revival of the dark gods has brought chaos to the lands, with an army of demons closing in on the horizon! However, Goblin Slayer’s here for one job and one job only: slaying goblins. Can the new trio gain his trust and win him to their side before the end of the world as they know it…?


Rating: 4.5

Okay so this volume was pretty good. The introduction of new characters seems to be allowing for character development for Goblin Slayer. I’m really interested in finding out exactly why this character is obsessed with Goblins. I mean I can see they are not the best of creatures in this or a lot of other worlds. There is definitely more to Goblin Slayer than I originally thought. I am glad he is not the only character we get to see do things as he learns to work with others.

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