Book Review: Make A Nerdy Living, by Alex Langley

Okay so whilst sitting in the waiting room for the male parental head of the family to be done with surgery I decided to distract myself with this book and do a review. Dani bought this a while back and didn’t finish it so I decided to take up the task. So to the review we go.

(Correction: Dani here…I just read the sections relevant to me.)


Turn your obsession into your profession! This funny, information-packed guide shows you how to transform your nerdy passion into a lucrative career . . . and satisfying life.
“How can I make a living at this?” Many nerds ask themselves this question—and now they have an answer. Filled with humor and real-life advice, this entertaining guide explores how you can actually get paid for nerdy passions that range from live-streaming video and prop making to writing and cosplay. Along with general tips for newcomers and in-depth advice for the more experienced, interviews with stars reveal how geeks, gamers, and fans successfully turned their dreams into reality.


Rating: 3.5 stars

Okay so I did enjoy the read overall, but I felt like a lot of the information held within was fairly self explanatory. It was the case for me but this might not be the same for others. The Q & A sections were a nice addition, as well as the footnotes which left me entertained. I do admit to feeling a little more inspired to do more nerdy things for myself and those humans I refer to as friends.

–Dani here again. I completely agree with Damian’s review for this book. Pretty much all of the information for getting started with a money making nerdy lifestyle were quite simple and honestly obvious. Oh, you want to make a living making nerdy videos on line? Well you have to post regular content and invest in good equipment and software. So while a nice read, I didn’t exactly learn much from it. Maybe if they did a level up set of books that went more in depth, that would be helpful.

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