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Manga Review: One Punch Man Vol. 16

Hey Damian here,

Just got a new table placed in the house and now I’m sitting at it writing up a quick review for you all. This series I had done all at once is to volume 15 so now I will be reviewing them on an individual basis. Almost finished with one cosplay so now it is time to focus on Dani’s for the big GenCon trip yay.


Surrounded by heroes, Garo finds himself in a tight spot. But despite the great numbers, he defeats the heroes one by one with his unmatched strength until Geno’s comes rushing in! Meanwhile, Saitama is reaching the height of irritation in his own battle…with King?!


Rating: 5

Okay so this story only seems to keep getting better. We don’t always see our overly powerful main character Saitama winning every “conflict” he gets into and we get to see some of the other heroes in action as well. Even with Garo taking out heroes left and right it is easy to understand his reasons behind such thinking. There are some weirdos amongst the heroes but each has a reason for fighting the way they do and the fact that it doesn’t just focus on the main few is nice. This manga just can’t seem to publish in English fast enough.

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