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Book Review: Flurry the Bear-The Granted Wish

Damian Trypp here with my first review on this blog. Starting off with a lovely little find I came across whilst my fiance and I attended back in August. I don’t have a schedule set yet on how often I will post but I will be posting about an assortment of different things. Most of these things will probably be manga, anime, and video games.



Life for a cub is not always easy, as Flurry would attest. All Flurry has ever known is a simple carefree life in the arctic north. In his home village of Ursus, Flurry has very little responsibility. The region is protected by warrior elves and ruled by Christopher Kringle. Flurry has a knack for finding trouble, and find it he does. To keep Flurry from further turmoil, Christopher gives Flurry a special assignment. Little do either of them know that fate has something else in mind for the little bear cub.


Flurry finds himself in a strange and distant world named Earth. Intent on getting home, Flurry struggles against numerous obstacles. Yet, his greatest challenge is himself.


As he wrestles with his own pride and vanity, Flurry embarks on his new life. Will Flurry learn humility and make it back home, or has his life gone down a new path – a course that can never be reversed?


Rating: 4 stars

I quite enjoyed this cute story as it has a lot of unique characters and references to tales and folklore of the holidays. Definitely a book series I will want to continue. The cute characters and the constant mischief Flurry manages to get himself into without meaning to. This is the type of story that’s easy to follow for the most part. Hints of other stories to come and possible enemies that our young hero will encounter leave the kid in me in edge as I want to keep reading until the end.

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