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Manga Review: My Hero Academia, Vol 3

Hey all, Dani here.

Happy Monday, everyone! Wait, is it actually a happy Monday? I mean, when I think of what makes me happy, it is typically the weekend, so Monday is about as far from that as possible. Then again, for the next few months, Mondays are also the day where I share another manga review, so that is happy.

Do you know what else kind of makes today a happy Monday? My fiance decided that instead of going out to hang with his guy friends this weekend, he is instead going to join me in participating in Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. So, for his TBR, he is planning on trying to read through the entire One Punch Man series…well, at least all of it that we own. Volume 13 was recently released and we have yet to pick it up. So, when I post my wrap up for the month, I’ll also give a brief update for how he did with his first 24 Hour Readathon.

Okay, now let’s just jump into the review.



A sinister group of villains has attacked the first-year U.A. students, but their real target is All Might. It’s all that Midoriya and his classmates can do to hold them off until reinforcements arrive. All Might joins the battle to protect the kids, but as his power runs out, he may be forced into an extremely dangerous bluff!

My Thoughts

Rating: 5 stars

Reading this series has been interesting for me, since my fiance and I started watching the anime first. We just randomly decided to try the show, and I don’t think either of us expected to get so hooked by the characters and the story. But now, we are actually ahead of the anime, so watching season 3 has been odd because we already know what is going to happen.

I just really enjoy seeing how each character uses their Quirk, and to see their development as they are unfortunately placed in these dangerous positions. I feel like the villains are only going to become more active as the series progresses, and honestly, what does it say that their trying to take out All-Might puts the next generation of heroes in the danger zone as well? Wouldn’t that be a pretty decent way to thin the ranks of the heroes, to attack the ones who are training to become heroes? This could either go really well for the villains or really poorly. If all of the students survive until graduation then I bet they will be some of the strongest heroes around because of everything they have been through.

Even though reading these means experiencing a story that I’ve already watched, I am learning more from this second venture through as well. In between the “episodes” there are behind the scenes pages which give more details about the characters, which is really cool, plus there are behind the scenes looks at the drawing process. It is pretty interesting.

Where to Buy

You can pick up a copy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-million, Book Depository, or your local indie bookstore.

2 thoughts on “Manga Review: My Hero Academia, Vol 3”

    1. I keep an eye out for 24 Hour Readathons, because they are the ones I have the greatest time with, and read the most during. And I’ve read all the way through Vol 11 of My Hero Academia so far, so I still need to read Vol 12 to be completely caught up.

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