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Recommendations: Diverse Reads

Hey all, Dani here.

Today’s post may include books I’ve mentioned before, but I’m going to bring them up again anyway, because I think we need more diverse books out in the world. Oh, and I should also once again say that I am participating in Diverse December, hosted by Kathy over at Books & Munches, so you can find my TBR post here, and also go and check out Kathy’s original post about the reading challenge.

And now let’s just jump into my book recommendations.

Okay, so I know that the Captive Prince trilogy isn’t for everyone, especially as it does start out as a master-slave romance, but what develops from that is a rather interesting m/m partnership that I honestly devoured so quickly.

Obviously I have talked about the Rat Queens a few different times, but that’s because they are awesome. Also, it doesn’t really seem like anyone even cares that the people in these comics are of different races or that they are LGBTQ+. It’s almost like there is a world where people just accept the diverse nature of the world and that’s fine.

Then there’s the Lumberjanes, and these girls are from different walks of life, but they all support each other and the differences they each have. Plus in later volumes a f/f relationship really starts to develop and it’s just great.

And I know I’ve talked about the Arcadia Project series before, because of how much the first book impressed me. I loved that basically each of the main cast of characters was dealing with a different mental health issue, such as our main protagonist being a double amputee who deals with borderline personality disorder. It is something I feel we don’t see enough in books.

With The Wicked + The Divine series, there are different races, religions, sexual orientations and more. What do you expect when you toss in various mythological gods? Their standards are much different from those of modern society.

Then there’s the Wayfarers series, and I’m hoping to read the second book next month, but the first one definitely rocketed up my list of favorite reads last year. Set in space, there are a lot of different alien races. There’s also different sexualities, religions, philosophies, lifestyles, etc. Oh, and I obviously recommend getting the UK edition because the starry sky cover is–in my opinion–far superior to the US cover.

Next is the Nemesis series, which features transgender superhero Dany Tozer. I know I’ve raved about this book before, but what Dany goes through in this book really showcases some of the ways people seem to respond when someone identifies in a different manner.

Speaking of transgender reads, I also have to mention this book, The Art of Being Normal, because it was a really interesting read. This was a lovely book about being true to yourself, and friendship, and there were hints of romance but that wasn’t the focus of the story. From the beginning main character David makes it clear that though born male, she wants to be a girl. It takes making a new friend named Leo to really get David to open up and speak out about the life that she wants.

I’m relatively new to the Bitch Planet series, but man it features a diverse cast of women. All different body types and mentalities, as well as different different sexual orientations and racial and religious differences.

I read Autoboyography a couple months ago and loved it. I think the handling of bisexuality and homosexuality while also showcasing some of the issues with religion make this a read I definitely recommend. Plus, I have to give a wonderful shout-out to main protagonist Tanner’s family for how wonderfully supportive they were of him.

Finding a book with an aesexual main character feels all too rare (at least to me), but definitely in more mainstream or popular book publications, but that’s exactly what Tash Hearts Tolstoy does. Plus for those of us in the book community, I think we will connect with Tash making a modern adaptation web series of Anna Karenina.

Then there’s any book by Adam Silvera. I discovered his books last year and then met him at Barnes & Noble’s Teen Book Fest at my local store, and he is just an awesome guy. And I think his books are fantastic and usually include nice racial and sexual diversity, and his books take you on an emotional roller coaster ride so…win-win, right? I mean, unless you don’t like books that make you cry.


Absolutely any of Rick Riordan’s books, but especially from the Heroes of Olympus series to the Magnus Chase trilogy or The Trials of Apollo. Uncle Rick includes a wide variety of races, genders, sexualities, religions, and even different forms of mental health or physical ability. And he does it so well. Seriously, his books may be aimed towards 10-14 year olds, but I am almost 30 years old and if I see a new Rick Riordan book in the works, it is automatically added to my TBR.

I think that’s about all for now. Obviously there are a lot more diverse reads out there, and I’m hoping to highlight many more next month as I participate in Diverse December, which is being hosted by Kathy over at Books & Munches. You can find my TBR for the month here.

Oh, and let me know some of your diverse reading recommendations down in the comments.

20 thoughts on “Recommendations: Diverse Reads”

    1. Fantastic! Well, then keep an eye out for some of my reviews and such through December and probably early January. I’m participating in Diverse December and am hoping to read quite a few books to finish off my year. Good luck with your diverse reading challenge next year.


  1. Autoboyography has been on my “need to buy”-list for a while now, but I haven’t gotten in yet. Mainly because someone told me I couldn’t buy books starting with certain letters and A was one of them, haha.

    Tash Hearts Tolstoy has been popping up a lot lately. At first I didn’t even want to check it out because the mentioning of Tolstoy had me going “nopenopenope” immediately. But that’s just me and my classics. Not a great combo. I did read the blurb a little while ago and have to say that it looks reallyreallyreally interesting! So I might put it in my shopping cart next time I get to splurge!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well it’s a shame to not be able to buy a book purely because its title begins with an A. It is totally worth the read.

      And Tash Hearts Tolstoy deals more with the teens making the web series than the details of the classic novel the show is based on.

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  2. Amazing book recommendations, I have so many on this list that I should read as soon as possible!! I really adored Rat Queens (I’ve read the first two volumes and they were amazing), I’ve heard that from the third, there was a change in the design and that the plot went downhill or something? But I’ll get to it at some point too! Thanks for the recommendations!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! For more diverse read options, feel free to check out my TBR post for Diverse December. I’ll also be trying to post a bunch of reviews later in December and into January.

      After Volume 3 of Rat Queens came out there were some changes behind the scenes and stuff, so it took me a second to get into it when I finally picked up Volume 4, but the ladies are as crass and hilarious as ever.


  3. I almost felt bad about the 14-year old population target haha I just got the Percy Jackson’s series and I am so excited to start reading them!!! And I am getting dangerously close to the 30s haha
    I like what you said about his books, and I really like books that cover variety of people not the same old characters or the sassy girly gay guy.
    Thank you very much for sharing! And for making such great post!! I hope you take a look at my blog :3 and I hope you like it! I will totally keep an eagle eye on yours!!!

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