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TBR Purge #17

Hey all, Dani here.

Is it just me or has this year flown by? How are we halfway finished with November already? Of course, I can say that 2017 has been a pretty great year and I’m really looking forward to seeing what will happen in 2018. Part of my planning for 2018 is that I want to get my TBR list cleaned out so I can start next year a bit more organized and such. So today I’m sorting through the next 30 books on my to-read list and then tomorrow I’ll be back with another 30 books.

Let’s get started already.

Silver on the Road by Laura Anne Gilman. The Wild West. A girl who starts working for the devil in this territory. He’s basically a crossroads deal-making demon/devil, and I so want to give this book a try.

Citadel of the Sky by Chrysoula Tzavelas. I got this book from a Kickstarter campaign because it sounded interesting, and my copy is a signed one, so I still want to read it.

Healer’s Touch by Amy Raby. I own this, and I’ve read the trilogy of traditionally published books set in this world; I just never continued on with the books Raby released later. I’ll probably still read it at some point, but I don’t know when so this one can leave the list for now. The same can be said for The Fire Seer and Her Quradum, also by Raby. The first book was all right but I have no idea when I’ll decide to pick up this second one.

White Hot by Ilona Andrews. I need to read the first book to determine if I’ll move on to this one, so I can take it off my list for now.

City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett. Yeah, this one still sounds fascinating. Definitely keeping it.

Zero World by Jason M Hough. Hmm…maybe at some point I’ll get in the right mood to pick this one up, but for right now it’s a pass.

Endsinger and Godsgrave and Nevernight #3 by Jay Kristoff. I still need to read the second book in the Lotus War trilogy so I can get rid of Endsinger for now, but I need a reread of Nevernight so I can get around to its sequel. For now the third book in that series can be taken off my list.

Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone. I’m just not interested in this one right now.

Revisionary by Jim C. Hines. I really need to finish the Magic Ex Libris series, so this one has to stay on my list.

The Weeping Books of Blinney Lane by Drea Damara. The first time I tried to read this, I couldn’t focus on it properly so I gave up halfway through. But I met Drea at Chicago Comic Con and she was a really nice person, so I am definitely giving this one another try.

Solutions and Other Problems by Allie Brosh. This book has been delayed indefinitely while Allie deals with some personal issues and such. But I thought her first book was fantastic, so this one will continue to stay on my list.

City of Blades by Robert Jackson Bennett. Obviously this one can be taken off my list until I read City of Stairs. Also, have we noticed just how many books there are out there with the title “City of ________”? There are soo many of them.

The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan and Maureen Johnson. Umm…it’s a collection of stories about Magnus Bane. Of course I want to read it still.

Fables, Volumes 6-10 by Bill Willingham. Obviously, I just discussed this series in my graphic novel recommendations, so I really need to work on finishing this series. Maybe that will be a goal for 2018.

Princeless, Vol 1: Save Yourself by Jeremy Whitley. I love the idea of this: a princess who is tired of waiting to be rescued so she teams up with a dragon and some friends to go on an adventure. Yes, please. I need to read this.

Chartile: Prophecy by Cassandra Morgan. This is another of my purchases from comic con, and I do want to try and read all of my con purchases, so keep.

Teammates by Ray Wenck. Ray had the booth next to me for the first con I went to as an author. Even though he writes books that aren’t exactly something I would normally pick up, he was a really cool guy, and I bought this to support him, so I need to read it.

The Last Dream Keeper by Amber Benson. I still need to read the first book in this trilogy, so this one can be taken off the list for a while.

Guardian’s Secret by Amy Raby. This one is going for the same reason that Healer’s Touch did earlier in this post.

Queen of Wands and Queen of Pentacles by Katee Robert. I did like the first book in this space-y romance series, and I may come back around to read these at some point in the future, but for now it’s a pass.

Rising Fire and Raging Sea by Terri Brisbin. Yep, I still really want to read this whole trilogy. Keeping both of these.

Okay, so I’m only getting rid of 12 of the 30 books this time around. Still, it’s progress. I’ll be back tomorrow with another set of titles for possible purging from my to-read list.

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