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Hocus Pocus Book Tag

Hey all, Dani here.

Happy Halloween! When Katie over at Never Not Reading tagged me for this tag, I knew I had to do it, even if it meant moving around some of my other planned and/or scheduled posts. Hocus Pocus is one of my favorite movies, and was a big part of my childhood. So yes, I do own it on DVD, and yes, I do watch it somewhat regularly.

The rules of this tag are simple: there are no rules. Just, it would be nice if you could link back to Katie’s original post and then possibly even link back to the person who tagged you as well. Katie’s post used some GIFs from the movie, and you are welcome to use those in your post, and then Flavia made some graphics, and you can use those as well, if you’d like.

Anyway, let’s just get started.


For this one I just have to go with the Shades of Magic trilogy by V.E. Schwab.


I wanted to try and pick someone different from other people, but I just couldn’t really choose a female villain I despise more than Dolores Umbridge. Seriously, that woman is awful.



For this one I have to go with Percy Jackson, or really anything by Rick Riordan…and hey, to me his books are good for children of all ages. I mean, I’m almost 30 and I will still obsess and fangirl over any MG book by Riordan that is announced or released.


This book is just so ridiculously silly and such that I haven’t actually finished it yet. I can say that I’m more intrigued about the next Lady Janie book to come out, because it is apparently a Jane Eyre tale.




I rather liked the first book, but the second book was just so slow and it felt like wading through quicksand to get through it. I had hoped that the third book would redeem the sophomore slump, but I’ve reached the point now where I’m accepting that I’m just not going to finish the book. I feel like this series is trying to be like other series that have been successful and the parts are just not coming together like they should.


For this one I wanted to be able to answer with The Hate U Give or Dear Martin because of their focus on racial issues and issues of shootings and violence from the police, but I have not yet read either book. Then I thought about choosing All Rights Reserved because of the somewhat scary look at a potential future where every word and gesture is copyrighted and trademarked. And those are all valid answers for this prompt. Another valid answer is Pride and Prejudice. It is a classic novel that describes what life was like in those days (obviously from the observations/viewpoint of Jane Austen, but it still seems fairly accurate), and then let’s not forget both Lizzie and Darcy, who both just tell it like it is, even if it leads to errors in judgment and wrongful opinions on the character of the other.


I refuse to add photos for this series, but come on people, just let it die already. Of course I’m talking about E.L. James and the Fifty Shades of Grey books. Because now she’s coming out with Darker, which is a retelling of Fifty Shades Darker but from Christian Grey’s POV. So obviously that means that soon enough we can look forward to the announcement that she’s working on Freed and we’ll have all the books from both main character’s POVs. I only read the first book because I was trying to cheer a friend up so I agreed to buddy read it for her. These are not good books and I will not read any more of them.


I have to go with a classic here, Lenny from Of Mice and Men. But hey, dumb doesn’t have to mean a character lacking in personality, or a bad character.

I’ll mention Critical Role again here, and point you towards the monthly comic series. Issue #2 saw the adventures of Scanlan the bard and Grog the barbarian. Grog has a low intelligence, but I still think his character is amazing. You don’t have to be intelligent to be caring or compassionate or protective or anything else. I think characters like Lenny and Grog show us that.



I devoured this book when I was granted an early copy of it through NetGalley, and then I went out at midnight on release day and asked my local store (Wal-mart) to dig out a copy from the boxes in the back, because I had to have a copy of it. I also devoured and obsessed over the second book, especially considering how the world unfolded and what secrets were revealed. And then I never heard anything about the third book. Apparently Richelle Mead still plans to finish it and release it someday, but I guess sales weren’t what the publisher expected so they dropped the series.


I absolutely loved these books, but they only have a 3.2 star average on Goodreads. This series is also one I could have picked for The Black Flame Candle, because I’m sad I didn’t get a real conclusion. Okay, yes, book two has enough of an ending to be all right, but there is obviously more to say, and if I could afford to pay Catie Murphy to write the next one, I would. Sadly, I do not have that kind of money. If she ever decided to come back to the series and did a Kickstarter campaign, I would absolutely be one of the first backers.



I’ve seen it mentioned in numerous reviews for this one that it is somewhat lacking in plot. Well, I enjoy it for the atmosphere more than anything, though I can see the loose plot throughout. Anyway, this book was started as a NaNoWriMo project, and from my own experience, I know those stories can sometimes really take on a life of their own, much like how the circus takes on its own life and growth in this book.


When I first saw this tag on Katie’s blog and I reached this prompt, I instantly knew what book I would pick for this one. And as I saw more and more other people post, it seemed like quite a few people blanked on books that would qualify.


In Demon Hunts there is a lovely cameo for all fans of the TV show Supernatural. This book mentions a well-known Impala and two men: the tall one and the cute one…AKA Sam and Dean Winchester. So that is my pick for cameo in a book.

As it is Halloween, I don’t know if anyone would want to keep doing this tag after the holiday, but if you still want to celebrate books as well as the greatness that is Hocus Pocus, then by all means, you have now been TAGGED.

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  1. Thanks for participating! I loved your answers. The Night Circus was such a great choice for mind of its own! It does kind of feel like the circus that way, growing and changing in unexpected ways. One of my absolute favorites!

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