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Banned Books Week 2017

Hey all, Dani here.

I know that it’s Sunday and I’ve been getting into a pattern of only posting on weekdays, but today’s announcement warrants a brief bonus blog post.

In just one more week we will once again be celebrating Banned Books Week. It is an annual event celebrating our freedom to read, and it is where we will talk of the hazards of censorship while raising awareness of these issues. Banned Books Week brings together all members of the bookish community, from librarians and teachers to bloggers, booksellers, publishers and readers. This year, Banned Books Week will take place from September 24th-30th


You can find all sorts of free downloads for social media, as well as infographics, and even a coloring page by visiting this page.

Oh, and there is a lovely store that has all sorts of Banned Books Week merchandise, from buttons and totes to shirts and posters. You can find all the goods here.

There are many resources to be found on the American Library Association’s event pages, so if you want to know more about some frequently challenged books, or find out if there are any Banned Books Week events near you, all of the details are at the ALA site, which I have linked up at the top of this post.

I am going to try and have a couple posts up next week to further discuss banned books, censorship, etc. If any of you plan to also celebrate some of these wonderful books, please let me know. I would love to check out your blogs and maybe even share some of them with my readers as well.

Let’s celebrate books, and continue to fight to protect the books that are being challenged and banned (usually for fairly absurd reasons, but I’ll discuss that in a later post).

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