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An Honest Review

Hey everyone, Dani here.

All the time I get on Goodreads, and most of the time it is to look into a book that sounds interesting. I always scroll down to look at some of the reviews, just to see if it highlights reviews from my friends and such. So often I end up scrolling past a review from the author…which generally gives the book 5 stars, and talks about how he or she wrote the book and they love it, and think you’ll love it too.

Sometimes I read the book and find that they are right, and I do love the book, but the number of times I read the book and don’t love it…I wonder if the author is being honest with how great their book is.

I understand how much time and effort and work goes into writing and publishing a book, and that is even more true for self-published and indie authors since we don’t have the support of a publisher. But I also know how to view a book from the perspective of a reader, and that changes how I look at even my own books.

So, today, I thought it would be interesting if I reviewed my first book, Project Death: Resurrection, for all of you.


Tamesis always thought that she knew her destiny and she was determined to be the absolute best Resurrector there was.

But, Fate had different plans. On her first heal, Tamesis runs into two mysterious men, and one of them changes everything for her.

Tamesis cannot stop thinking about him and dreaming about him. Then, when the work of the Resurrectors is threatened, the man returns and Tamesis is put on a path that opposes everything she was raised to believe.

Something has twisted the beliefs of the Resurrectors, causing them to stray from their path and become extremists. They were supposed to save those who still had noble work to do, but instead insist that everyone deserves to live until old age.

Now she needs to accept the role she was destined to have, that of the Angel of Death, healing those she can and reaping the souls of those who must die. The war between Resurrectors and those who protect the Balance is heating up.

The overall rating I give my book, looking at it honestly, is 3.5 stars. I absolutely love my book and I’m so proud to have it finished and published. I think it is a rather decent start to a series, and introduces this interesting world, where angelic beings known as Resurrectors fight a war against Death and his Angel of Death. It is a cool story, and I enjoy seeing how everything changes when a Resurrector is tasked with becoming the next Angel of Death, but I’ll explain why I don’t give myself 5 stars.

There needs to be more character depth in the story. Sure, Tamesis and Thanos are handled pretty well, but they are the main two in the book. A lot of the side characters need more depth and development so they don’t feel like cardboard cutouts randomly inserted into the story. I can honestly blame my fault here to still being a new writer and not knowing exactly how to handle the minor support characters. But I have learned a lot more since then, and some of those side characters are showing up again in books 2, 3, and 4. Some are also showing up in the stories and novellas I am working on to go along with the overall story.

I could have used more description of locations and such in this story. Then again, Tamesis didn’t care much for where she was in the world so long as she was doing her job effectively. Still, I think I could have done a better job describing the Resurrector facilities.

Also, more could have been described about the actual operation of the Resurrectors. But because I hadn’t figured out their hierarchy completely and figured out how the organization operates, Tam couldn’t reveal those details either. I feel I am correcting some of those issues with book 2, and also with a couple prequel stories. Again, I have learned a lot about writing since working on and publishing this book.

Still, I know that the book did have and still has potential. I love Tamesis and Thanos, and even when I re-read through the book, I pick up scenes or sentences that really make me say ‘Wow.’ I love that I can be moved by things that I wrote, and forgot about because of looking forward at the rest of the series.

I still look at this book with pride. It was my first published book, but it won’t be my last, and I know I am getting better at writing. When I finally feel that I can give my book a 5 star rating, it will be awesome. And I know that day is coming. I will keep working towards making my books and myself better. There is always room for improvement, but it’s also good to recognize what you do well and highlight that.

* * *

Oh, I should probably also point out that the e-book format of Project Death: Resurrection is currently free from Smashwords. You can find all e-versions there: NOOK, Kindle, iBooks, Sony Reader, PDF, etc. there.

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