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Checking In

Hey all, Dani here.

Sorry that I haven’t posted as much this week. Honestly my schedule was thrown all out of whack by being moved temporarily to night shift. I’m actually going to be on this shift for another two weeks before going back to days, so I hope that I’ll be able to pick up my schedule again, but no promises. Also, I’ve been feeling this need to do some adulting and such, and actually get the house more cleaned and organized. There’s some ideas that Damian and I have had for the house for months and we just keep putting it off. I’m tired of the random boxes and clutter building up, and we’ve finally started taking steps to get it all taken care of.

But, baby steps. We cleaned up a bunch of cardboard boxes that we’ve had set aside for awhile, and then we tried to organize our laundry a bit more, since we pretty much live out of the laundry baskets instead of using the closet racks and hangers that we have. By cleaning up where we’ve been keeping our laundry, I’ve actually been able to finally get myself an “office area” in the house.

And that means that it is time to get to work with the writing.

I’m currently re-reading the books in the Colorworld series, and Damian and I are also watching shows like “Fairy Tail,” “Black Clover,” and “My Hero Academia,” and all of that is basically giving me that kick in the butt, telling me that I need to find that fire in my belly, and that I need to surpass my limits right here and right now, and go plus ultra! If I want to realize my dreams then I need to work on them. I need to stop telling myself that I’m too tired or that I’m just not feeling it, or that I’m too caught up in my uncertain feelings and doubt. I’ve written books before. I wrote so much back in school. I worked two jobs on campus and a summer job, had a full course load, spent time with my friends, and still managed to churn out chapter after chapter. So I can definitely handle finding time to write while working a full-time job, and reading/book blogging.


I think my office writing space looks pretty nice overall. Our master bedroom is huge. It is like 25 feet by 17 feet, or something like that. So behind the desk/chair area is a few open feet and then the TV stand and then our bed and all that. I would show you the picture of that area but it is a little bit of a cluttered mess at the moment. Maybe some other time.

But this office/library area is where I’ll be doing my creative writing, and perhaps some of my blogging–though I also do some blogging while hanging out on the couch in the living room. Oh, and this space will also be somewhere that I utilize for filming videos if I ever work up the courage to start up our geeky YouTube channel.

I have a bunch of cool geeky art to look at around my room as well.

Obviously all of my metal art is from Colorworld Books, and I’m probably going to be adding more to the Colorworld collage there by my bookshelves soon. Then I have sort of my TV/movie display thanks to free posters received at movie showings and by picking up manga during sales at B&N. Oh, and that Erza in her Titania armor art piece is signed by Colleen Clinkenbeard–it was a Christmas present from Damian in 2018. Finally there’s my random geeky art wall in the corner by my side of the bed. I have some more sticker art to hang up there, but I like being able to look at all of these books and characters as an inspirational focus.

So now I’m going to actually get focused and get back to my creative writing. I’ve missed working on my novels, and I’d really like to get my stories out there. I can’t do anything if I don’t first get the words on the page…or the screen, whatever. I’m sort of hoping to do 30 minutes to an hour of writing every day. I’ll blog only after I’ve hit my creative writing goals each day, so we’ll see how I do with this.

Thanks for understanding, and I’ll be back soon with more bookish content.


2 thoughts on “Checking In”

  1. Moving is always so stressful! I’ve been trying to figure out how to get more space in my apartment, specifically my bedroom since I have roommates so I can’t use common areas much.

    I’ve been in the mood to write more for the first time in like 5 years but I always have other things that are of higher importance and that I enjoy more. I know I’ll probably abandon whatever writing I’m doing after a week anyway because I’ll lose that motivation. Maybe someday!

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    1. Oh, I’ve already decided that if we move again, I am hiring movers. I own too many books, and when they are boxed up they are SO heavy. LOL. I already hefted them from my mom’s house to our first apartment, then our second apartment, and now our house. Never again.

      I understand that. I just have so many story ideas that I’ve developed over the years, meaning to get them all written, and trying to get published and all that. And I sort of just let myself slack off. I want to hold my finished books in my hands and see them sitting on my shelves. If I want to see that dream achieved, I need to get writing. Maintaining motivation is the difficult part for me. There’s just so many other things I kind of want to do as well.

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